Fitness While on Vacation

I am going to preface this post by saying that it is totally and completely okay to NOT workout at all during your vacation! Gosh darn it, you work hard, and those precious vacations need to be enjoyed to the fullest, and if that means a vacation even from fitness for a week or two, then so be it! You will NOT lose it all. And, you may even actually come back STRONGER because you’ve given your body (and mind) legit time to truly recover!

If you DO want to squeeze in fitness during vacay, though, here are some easy ways to do so:

  1. Google to see if there are any CrossFit gyms close by to where you are staying, and if so, email the owners about drop-in! Many gyms will even give you FREE drop-in if you buy one of their t-shirts, just ask! I own many affiliate shirts! ;-)

    1. Please be aware that not all affiliates are alike. They are individually owned and operated, and I wish I could say they are all awesome, but instead, I am going to say - DO YOUR RESEARCH, and if you’re unsure, ask one of us coaches or other members who may have traveled to the same place before.

  2. If no CrossFit gyms available, check out the hotel gym if you’re staying in one. Many of them are actually fully equipped, and it’s easy nowadays to find workouts online. Just Google “Hotel WODs,” or “Travel WODs” and literally 1,000’s of ideas will pop up for you!

  3. Some helpful travel apps for working out anywhere, anytime:

    1. WOD Roulette

    2. Crossbox: CrossFit on Watch

    3. WOD Buddy: Workouts of the Day

    4. X-Fit Workouts for Women

    5. Travel WODs | Home Workouts

    6. EMOM WODs Generator

      1. If you need a timer, stopwatch, clock - Here are some good options:

        1. WeTime

        2. PushPress Timer

        3. Tabata Stopwatch Pro

        4. Seconds Interval Timer

        5. SmartWOD Timer

  4. Aaaaand, if you really just want to squeeze a little bit here and there, just be creative! You’re smart enough, and you’ve been doing this long enough, just pick something and do it. Maybe you just want to do a quick little Tabata Sit ups. Or, maybe you want to hold a plank in intervals while watching an episode on TV. Or, heck, you could even just do 10 air squats every hour. ;-)

  5. Probably the BEST and most FUN way to get fitness in while on vacation, though, is to simply do stuff - Take a surfing lesson, play tennis, go for a hike, rent bikes, go kayaking, learn how to ski, ride a horse, go ziplining… The possibilities are endless!

As much as possible, it may be best to do your fitness first thing in the morning, if you do choose to continue to get workouts in during vacation! Get the sweat done first, that way you can enjoy the rest of the day the way you deserve, and you don’t have to stress about when to fit a workout in or feel guilty if you don’t make it.

I’m also going to reiterate one more time that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break from fitness, too. Especially while on vacation. Like I said earlier, you will more than likely come back STRONGER because your body has had time to fully repair and rejuvenate itself! Plus, just like work, school, and any other stresses in our lives, it’s good for the body, mind, and soul to take a break once in a while from your workouts. When I used to CrossFit competitively, I always took a full week off from the gym right after the Open. Like, I did not show up at the gym at all, zero workouts, not even at home, and zero CrossFit on social media or anything. I needed that vacation every year after such an intense year of build up and training, followed by 5-weeks of high-level stress and intensity.

Lastly, if you even travel and need that extra support and guidance, please know that we are more than happy to assist you! Reach out to any of us coaches and let us know how we can support you during vacation! It’s what we do! ;-)

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