19.4 is...

19.4 is…

3 Rounds:
  10 Snatches (95/65)
  12 Bar-facing Burpees
— 3:00 Required REST, and then continue with:
3 Rounds:
  10 Bar Muscle-ups
  12 Bar-facing Burpees
— Time cap: 12 minutes

Read all the details, standards, and scaling here:



Power, Squat, & Split Snatch are all permitted for this workout, so do whatcha gotta do! ;-)

Ideally, Power Snatch is the way to go for this workout, and if possible, do all 10 unbroken. You don’t necessarily have to sprint the 10 reps, though, just move kind of like a metronome and get all 10 out of the way. Or, you could do 2 sets of 5 quickly, with maybe 5-10 sec rest at most.

If you can, hookgrip the barbell to save your grip strength for the bar muscle ups (Or, pull ups, if you’re doing the Scaled version).

In a perfect world, I’d want you to complete these reps with meticulous form and technique, but alas, in the workout setting like this, some Oly technique does get sacrificed. Just be smart and keep your back tight and engaged, chest up. Try to avoid a Russian Deadlift type lift with a hunchback!

Move with intention as best as you can!

For the Bar-Facing Burpees - SUCK IT UP! ;-) And, I say that loving, because don’t we all just loooove to hate burpees?! Dude, I get it, but just like anything in life, if you give it that power, it will always have that power over you. Stop making burpees the enemy. Burpees just wanna make you fitter! ;-) You don’t have to love burpees like I do, but try to learn to tolerate them, at least.

When it comes to burpees, it’s mind over matter - MENTAL FORTITUDE. Just. Keep. Moving! You CAN do it.

Okay, so for the Bar Muscle Ups… If you’re going for your FIRST one, then by all means, go for it! We’re all cheerin’ you on!!! Unless you’ve been training with hand protectors this whole time and therefore are used to them, I would suggest trying for your first BMU without anything on your hands. This is so you can grip the bar best, get the most pull you can, and really feel the bar. Personally, I just feel “slippery” wearing them while doing BMU’s, but for others it works like a charm, so each to his own!

Your hands may need to be just a little bit wider than your normal grip for pull ups. This opens up your chest more to the bar, and makes it easier to transition over onto the top of the pull up rig.

Remember, BIG KIP - Think of it like you’re trying to do a belly-button to bar pull up, rather than a chest-to-bar pull up. Once you get up and over the bar, throw your head forward to look at the floor as fast as you can. This helps “catch” yourself at the top.

If you can do BMU, then just depending on your level of experience and ability will depend on the sets you want to do. Whether it’s fast singles, doubles, 4-3-3, 5-5, or all 10. Be smart and don’t blow it all in the first set.

Have FUN, and we hope to see y’all at FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS @ 5:30pm!!!

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