Scaled, Modified, Rx

Scaled. Modified. Rx. Rx Plus. Whatever you want to call it, a workout is a workout.

Whether you used 10# DBs or 40#. Whether you did 135# Snatch or 85#. And, whether you did Ring Rows or Pull ups. If it made you sweat and sucked while doing it, then it was a great workout.

And, here’s the thing - I’ve done “Fran” in just about every way possible. Original Fran, Fat Fran, Frantasyland, aaaaaaaaand, I’ve even done it with an empty barbell and Ring Rows while at the peak of my competitive training, and guess what, it hurt just as much as any other Fran. They all suck, folks. Doesn’t matter how much weight is or isn’t on the bar, or what variation of a pull up you do, she still kills you in the end. ;-)

That’s the realization I want all of you to experience and understand. If you do the workout with intention and intensity, I PROMISE you it will challenge you and make you better. It will still hurt and suck. It will make you sweat and still question your life decisions.

Try it sometime - Do Fran with an empty barbell and ring rows, and try to do it AS FAST as you can! You may think it’s “easy,” but I would beat many of you have never done Fran unbroken yet. Well, this is your chance, and boy oh boy, let me tell you, unbroken is an entirely different beast!

Wash away the whole “Rx” versus “Scaled” mindset. That’s all arbitrary mumbo jumbo CrossFit competitors created in order to establish the Games. What WE need to focus on are our individual goals and progressions. And that means each and every day we need to ask ourselves, “What do I want out of this workout? How can I make today’s workout MY best performance?”

It’s YOUR workout. YOUR progress. YOUR fitness journey. Never lose sight of that.

Kara PurvesComment