Who Are You Following on Social Media?

There are a lot of great resources and professionals out there to follow on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. There are also a lot of, uh, not so great content out there. So, we wanna help take the guess work out, and give you our suggestions of who to follow out there in this great big world of health & fitness! ;-)

Here are just some of the awesome ones we follow:

  1. Achieve Fitness: Owned by Jason & Lauren Pak. They post a ton of great content on their Instagram @achievefitnessboston Lots of great warms up, coaching cues, progressions, mobility, etc.

  2. Movement Fix: Owned by Dr. Ryan DeBell. From warm ups, to accessory work, drills, rehab, prehab, etc. He has a lot of great YouTube videos, too. @movementfix

  3. Power Monkey Fitness: Any and all things bodyweight and gymnastics, but they also do weightlifting movements. Tons and tons of progressions and drills! Check out their Instagram and YouTube Channel @powermonkeyfitness

  4. Technique WOD: By Shrugged Collective & Barbell Shrugged. This is their YouTube Channel, and a lot of great videos for all of you who want to work more on barbell form and technique!

  5. Buff Dudes: Another great YouTube channel. While the name and their presence is a little silly/cheesy, it provides some comic relief, but their content and coaching cues are on point for weightlifting!

  6. The Prehab Guys: Doctors of Physical Therapy, these guys want to help us be proactive and PREVENT injuries and issues. They also have great rehab exercises, too. Check them out on Instagram @theprehabguys

  7. The Barbell Physio: Injury prevention and rehab, tons of content for back, shoulders, hips, knees, etc! Check ‘em out on Instagram @thebarbellphysio

  8. Pamela Gnon: Lead Coach for CF Gymnastics. Her Instagram is amazing for all things gymnastics - Totally on-point with coaching cues, progressions, drills, form, and technique! A definite must-follow!! @pamelagnon

  9. Make WODs Great Again: This is purely comic relief for all CrossFit-lovers. Brilliant memes! @makewodsgreatagain

  10. Carl Paoli: Founder of Freestyle Connection and a great gymnastics coach! Check out his YouTube Channel, too. He’s all over social media. Progressions, drills, coaching cues galore! @carlpaoli @freestyleconnection @thefreestyleway

  11. Mobility WOD: The O.G. of mobility in the CrossFit community, Kelly Starrett, and author of the book, The Supple Leopard. @mobilitywod

  12. Squat University: Weightlifting, Olympic lifting, accessory work, drills, coaching cues, etc. Lots of helpful content on Instagram, especially if you’re a visual learner! @squat_university

    Who do you follow on social media that isn’t on our list?! Please share with us!

Kara PurvesComment