Should You Do The Open?

The short answer is, YES! :-)

But, let’s discuss. Rather than telling you all the wonderful reasons why you should do it, let me ask you, “Why WOULDN’T you do the Open?”

Unless your answer includes something like, “I just joined CrossFit yesterday… I broke my back in a ski accident… I am being deployed next week…” there are actually a lot of ways you can be a part of the Open.

The common misconception is that the Open is only for competitive-level athletes who can do 100 bar muscle ups and Snatch 300 lbs. Yeah, not so much…

While the elite athletes have to participate in the Open as a qualifier to move on to the Games, the other 99.99% of us are just doing the Open to achieve some PR’s, maybe get a first muscle up, have fun, and obtain a new appreciation for the elites. Because, when you do the same WOD as the elites, and then compare your workload and time to theirs, you realize JUST HOW HARD those guys are working! They are literally training 5-8 hours A DAY, with a full entourage of nutritionists, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, personal coach, sponsors, etc.

The Open also brings out an edge in us, though, that we normally don’t let loose. I’m talking about that burning fire in the pit of our stomachs that only comes out when we are on stage. It’s our alter ego. The one who takes over and makes us feel 10x stronger, with an almost reckless abandon to get us to a place we haven’t gone before. It’s that edge that helps us finally get that first muscle up, that first pull up, that 10 lbs PR, and that first set of HSPU.

Scroll through all of your reasons why you don’t want to do the Open. Acknowledge each of them. I’ve got plenty of them, myself. It’s like a snowball effect, and my snowball could bulldoze a house!

  • I’m four months postpartum

  • I’ll have to scale the weights

  • I can’t do bar muscle ups right now

  • I’m too busy with three girls

  • My husband travels a lot

  • I don’t want to spend $20

  • I’ll have to scale some of the WODs, or maybe all of them

Dude, I get it. I’m right there with y’all. Seriously. But, instead of making ourselves small and allow each other to downplay our own greatness (And yes, you ARE great), let’s shine together! Let’s tell those inner demons to STFU, and let’s give ourselves permission to be awesome. Whether you scale the WODs or Rx them, you ARE enough.

I just signed up, and I’d like you to join me and the rest of our Cadre CommUNITY as we say no to mediocrity and safe zones, and YES to living life and bettering ourselves! :-)


Kara PurvesComment