19.2 is...

Open WOD 19.2 is…

(@ 0:00) 8 min to complete:
25 T2B
50 DU
15 Squat Cleans @ 135/85
25 T2B
50 DU
13 Squat Cleans @ 185/115

Time extends 4-min each time the round is completed…

(@ 8:00) 4 min to complete:
25 T2B
50 DU
11 Squat Cleans @ 225/145

(@ 12:00) 4 min to complete:
25 T2B
50 DU
9 Squat Cleans @ 275/175

(@ 16:00) 4 min to complete:
25 T2B
50 DU
7 Squat Cleans @ 315/205

Ends at 20-minutes

Please read all of the details, scaling options, and standards below. It is your responsibility to know them:



Unless you are a Jedi Master at T2B, I would break these up into manageable small sets right from the get-go! Even Jedi Masters may want to break it up in half, at least, and maybe do 15-10, or 13-12. Depending on your level of ability with T2B will depend on your sets.

In general, if your max unbroken is about 30, then you could probably maintain sets of 10 the whole way through, so consider doing 10-10-5, or 12-7-6, or maybe 9-8-8. If your max unbroken is about 20, then maybe consider 7-6-6-6, or 9-6-5-5, or maybe even 5-5-5-5-5. No more than 3-5 sec rest between each set, though! Count yourself down each time to prevent lollygagging! Now, if you can do 5-10 T2B max unbroken, then definitely consider small, fast sets! Sets of 2’s or 3’s, with 3-5 sec rest.

The most important thing to realize is - Once you blow out your grip strength, YOU’RE DONE - You can’t come back from it. So, don’t blow your WOD early! Especially if your max T2B is 10 or less right now. As annoying and tedious as it may be to do small, fast sets, you want to be able to MAINTAIN that and keep going. If you go hot out the gates and bust out 20 T2B the first round, while an awesome PR for you, it’ll also cost you your forearms. ;-)

Now… Here’s another scenario, though. Let’s say your 1RM Squat Clean is at the second weight in the second round, and you know you’re not going to make it past the 8 min mark. It’s not being pessimistic. There is nothing wrong with being realistic with your current level of fitness. This gives you an opportunity, though, to just go for it in the T2B, then, because you know you’ll do 50 T2B max, so maybe it’s worth it to push your limits a bit and see if you can maintain a bigger chunk. Maybe you’ve always done sets of 2’s and 3’s, and you want to go for 10-5-5-5. Or, maybe you want to just go all out and see how many you can bust out in your very first set. Maybe you want to try for all 25 unbroken. Dude, go for it, then! ;-)

Remember to use the hookgrip if you can, too. It’s the opposite from the barbell hookgrip, though. Instead of your index and middle fingers covering your thumb like on the barbell, your THUMB is going to cover your index and middle fingers. If you have smaller hands, try to at least get your thumb over your index finger.

If you have athletic tape, it may help to wrap your thumbs for the T2B and the Squat Cleans.


REEEEEEEELLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!! I can’t stress that enough (pun intended). Breathe! Focus on a focal point directly in front of you, or just above you. Get into your zone.

Relax your hands and hold the ends of the handles. All in the wrists, baby! Avoid death-gripping the handles.

Squeeze your butt. This may sound like a weird cue, but it’s also one of the most under-utilized cues in exercise. Squeeze your butt while you are jumping rope, because it automatically engages your core, maintains a more upright position, and you are less likely to pike or donkey-kick. Squeeze your butt!

If you start missing your DUs, instead of fighting it and getting more and more frustrated, STOP and walk away for a second. You have to calm yourself down. The more you fight DUs, the more they fight you back. They have an evil way of teaching you a tough lesson about anger management. Deep breath, my friend.

Depending on your level of skill with DUs, you may be able to do all 50 unbroken. Or, maybe you need to cut it in half 25-25. Consider doing 30-20 if mentally it will help you to move faster knowing you have a smaller set following. For some intermediates, you may want to 5 x 10, or 25-15-10. For beginners, if you can do consistent sets, great. Otherwise, it may be a workout that you’re doing your best and trying for as many as you can each time. Again, just remember to relax and keep going!

Lastly, make sure you have a judge that can count DUs. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but a lot of people can’t count DUs very well, and they may not even know it. Here’s a helpful tip for all of you judging/counting for others - Watch the feet when they jump, NOT the rope when it spins twice. You can hear the rope when it’s doing DUs, so you’ll know when to count and when not to from the sound. Don’t count the rope. Count the jumps. Also, if they trip, remember to un-count that last rep. For example, if you’re on 13, 14, 15, 16-trip, then go back to 15. Don’t start counting at 16, because the athlete missed rep 16.


I think for the majority of us, wearing our CrossFit shoes is probably the best way to go, especially if T2B and/or DUs are iffy for you. Wearing Oly shoes could possibly throw you off, especially if you’ve never practiced T2B and DUs with them on before. More advanced/experienced athletes may choose to wear their Oly shoes, though. Or, maybe not, especially if the weights are “easy” for them. Bottom line, this is one of those workouts where you’re going to have to decide for yourself what’s more important to you - The T2B and DUs, or the Squat Cleans?

Weight belt, for sure, if you want it and/or need it. If possible, save it for when you’re about 80% and above of your 1RM.

And, don’t be shy to let a war cry or two, especially when it gets heavy for you. This is another cue that may sound silly to some, but yelling can actually help you in a heavy lift. Let it out and get that weight up!

Mind over matter. While technique and strength are obvious necessities here, your self-talk is more important. If you tell yourself the weight is “too heavy,” then it is, and you will lift it as such and miss it. Focus on points of performance, not how you feel or how heavy the barbell is. Focus and tell yourself, “I need to shrug my shoulders to my ears, and then drop under and get my elbows up, up, up! Elbows up!” Focus. Points of performance. Visualize. Focus. Go!

If you miss a Squat Clean, give yourself 10-30 seconds rest. The common reaction is to jump right back on it and try again, to inevitably miss it again and waste energy. Unless you are near the 4-min time cap and have to just go for it, allow yourself a “reset” before attempting again.

Hope this helps! Have FUN! :-)

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