19.1 is...

CrossFit Open 2019

WOD 19.1

15 min AMRAP
19 Wall Ball Shots
19 Calories Row

~ Men Rx @ 20 lbs to 10’ target
~ Women Rx @ 14 lbs to 9’ target
~ Men Scaled @ 14 lbs to 10’ target
~ Women Scaled @ 10 lbs to 9’ target



A workout like this leaves no place to hide. This is a classic grunt work WOD, and I love it. There is nothing really glamorous or sexy about this one - It’s not as Instagram-delicious as other WODs. But, again, I love it because it’s straightforward and to the point - ARE YOU FIT?!

As far as a game plan, talk to your coach! The best way to execute this WOD is to discuss with your coach who knows you, and collaborate together. From a very general standpoint, I would suggest starting with a consistent, steady pace. Approach it like a build-up, meaning, start off at a slower rate, and each round get a little bit faster, so that by the end you finish strong!

If you are stellar at wall balls, then you may be able to do each round unbroken. No need to sprint them, just be consistent and do them more like a metronome. Now, if you are like me, though, and wall balls are a weakness, then it may be better to start with a consistent set. I know myself well enough that I would approach this workout by doing 6-5-4-4 with 3-sec rest between each set. I cannot maintain large sets of wall balls right now, but I can maintain small, fast sets. Maybe where you’re at in your fitness, though, you could maintain 2 or 3 sets of the wall balls each round.

My one suggestion, though, would be to consider doing a bigger set first, and each set smaller. Notice how I made my four sets 6-5-4-4? More than anything, this help your mental performance. You get to start strong, and then it’s easier to pick up the ball again knowing you have a smaller set each time. However, no two brains are alike, so you may actually do better with a more consistent number, like 5-5-5-4.

No matter what set scheme you come up with, though, be prepared to adapt at any moment in the workout. While going in with a game plan is important and helpful, don’t get stuck and stubborn! If you hit a wall and can’t maintain your previous sets, then change it! I already know going into this WOD that I may reach a point that I have to do sets of 3’s, and I am mentally prepared for that.

Adapt and keep going!!!

For the Row - Consider setting your damper between 3 - 5. I know that I get one calorie for every two pulls, so I set my damper at 3 and maintain a rate of 850-950 calories per hour. And, again, stay consistent in your row technique. Legs, body, arms, and then arms, body, legs. Remember to breathe.

In the last 2 - 3 minutes of the AMRAP, that’s when I suggest going for it all. But, for sure the very last minute of the AMRAP you should be sprinting with everything you have left in the tank. FINISH STRONG!

As far as gear and shoes go, if you want, it might benefit you to wear your Oly lifting shoes for this one. Knee sleeves, as needed. That’s about it, though.

Most importantly, and above all things, HAVE FUN!!! :-)

Kara PurvesComment