Cadre Podcast: Improvement Imminent

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our weekly podcast with Coach JonMichael & Coach Phil. Together, they discuss the upcoming programming and how to best execute each day’s workout so that you reach your potential. They explain the intended stimulus, intensity levels, and offer scaling and modification options, as well as focal points for body position, form, and technique.

We have started a new Podcast Page on our website, which you can check it out here:

They post a new podcast every Sunday & Wednesday!

However, these next 5-weeks will be different due to the Open starting this week!

Therefore, they will be posting every Sunday & Friday early morning, with the intention being that every Friday morning, they will “chalk it up” on how to best prepare and execute the Open workout. So, be sure to check it out, as it will contain great advice and info! ;-)

Be in the know!

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