When Pee Happens


In case you missed our Quick Tip Tuesday video this week on social media, I wanted to share with y’all an absolutely wonderful feminine product for working out (and any other situations needed).

After I had my second baby, I had major leaking problems in the workouts. Double unders and box jumps were the worst ones for me. No matter how many times I went to the bathroom right beforehand, I still wet myself. I even started wearing pads. Uuugh - NOT comfortable.

And then, a kind friend told me about Poise Impressa tampons!!!

Say whaaa?! A tampon for peeing?!

Yes, ladies, it is a tampon specifically designed to support your urethra and prevent urine from leaking during those elusive double unders, box jumps, and any other exercises.

The scientific term for our #crossfitproblem is Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), which is when we leak during a laugh, cough, sneeze, dance, or exercise.

Now, while Poise Impressa do say that you can wear the tampon for up to 12-hours, and you can use the bathroom with it in, and it’ll still work for preventing leaking, I personally like to err on the side of “ONLY USE IT AS YOU NEED IT.” So, I put it in right before the workout, crush it in beast-mode carefree, and then after I’ve cooled down I take it out and go on about my merry way. ;-)

There are three different sizes to the Poise Impressa. It’s pretty straight-forward - Start with their “Size Kit” package and put in Size 1. Try a workout and see if the leaking stops. If so, then Size 1 is right for you. If you still leak, then next time try Size 2. If the leaking stops, then Size 2 is right for you. If not, then try Size 3, which is the biggest size.

This product is sold over-the-counter, and can be found at CVS, Walmart, Target, and most drug stores. You can also buy them on Amazon.

Hey, pee happens. It’s okay, and you are not alone, ladies!

However, while this product is a nice solution, I strongly encourage you to work diligently on your pelvic floor exercises, ladies, because we don’t want to allow this issue to be a write-off as, “That’s just how it is.” We CAN fix it, and if we want to lift heavy and keep going into beast-mode, then all the more reason WHY YOU NEED TO FIX IT.

It’s NOT just about Kegels - It is important for us to build a strong pelvic floor and develop our diaphragm, because they are essential for heavy lifting and quality of life. Specific exercises with breath control, like front and side planks, squats, and core rotation help build strength and control. While we can certainly joke about peeing in our Lululemons, let’s also address it.

As I worked on my pelvic floor after my second baby, I used the Poise Impressa. Over time, I went from the Size 3, down to 2, down to 1, and then finally I reached the point that I didn’t need them anymore. It took me about 6-months to get there, and everyone is different, so don’t base your progress off of mine! Now that I am 5-months postpartum with my third kid, I find myself taking longer to recover and strengthen my pelvic floor. And, that’s okay. So, once again, I am using the tampons during the workouts, BUT, I am also doing my pelvic floor exercises, and whenever my body gets there is when she will get there.

Just as we don’t want to tear our hands every single time we do pull ups, we don’t want to pee every time we do double unders. How do we prevent tearing? Callus shaver, lotion, and routine hand-care. How do we prevent leaking? Pelvic floor exercises!

Poise Impressa is a wonderful, TEMPORARY solution (wink, wink). ;-)

Lots of great info and pelvic floor exercises here, ladies (click on the link): https://www.coreexercisesolutions.com/strengthen-your-pelvic-floor/

And, if you need any female support and encouragement, please feel free to reach out to me, or any of our other wonderful female coaches! <3

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