Happy Valentine's Day

Tonight, we’d like to take this opportunity that thank each and every one of you for being a part of our Cadre CommUNITY, and making it better. Making US better.

When I was a younger, helpless romantic, after a really bad break-up with a guy I thought was “the one,” my wise mother said to me, “Honey… When you actually meet the right man for you, you’ll know it, because he will make you a better person, NOT bitter.”

Those words have stuck with me since that day. And, the same can be said for really anyone we keep in our lives. Friends, family, co-workers, workout buddies, etc.

One of the main reasons why I came back to coaching so quickly when we moved here to Ohio is BECAUSE I knew exactly where I could find the right people to make me a better person.

Thank you for giving us your best. Thank you for expecting the best from us.

Thank you. XO


Kara PurvesComment