Start With The Doing

It’s too easy for our minds to trick us into thinking we should quit.

Our internal dialogue has an invasive way of sabotaging growth, change, and progress. And, the longer we indulge such nonsense to talk in our heads, the longer we hold off, avoid, and otherwise miss out on our true potential.

While we certainly fear failure, I think we may actually fear success even more.

When we succeed, we actually have something meaningful to us to lose. At failure, though, although the ego is bruised, we are safer at the bottom where even when we fall, it’s a short distance than from up above.

Okay, so how do we shift this mind f*** and get what we want to get done, done?!

First, you have to practice self-awareness and be able to catch yourself when these invasive thoughts begin. The self-sabotage.

Then, instead of indulging the demons in conversation - JUST GET UP AND DO SOMETHING. Anything. Seriously. Get out of bed and brush your teeth. Start making a cup of coffee. Grab a pad and pen and start doodling or writing. Start doing some push ups. Grab a fidget spinner and start playing with it. Just DO something.

In other words - Replace the talking with DOING.

Need to do a 6-mile run today, but that inner voice is preventing you from getting outside? Start washing the dishes in the sink. Notice I didn’t say get off the couch and put your running shoes on.

You see, the trick is to do something unrelated to the task that you actually want to do. WHY?? Because you are tricking your mind to shut up. When you start doing something else, your mind thinks, “Oh, cool, we convinced her to not go on the 6-mile run! Let’s go chillax on the couch and watch Netflix, guys!” Now you’ve got your inner demons distracted, and NOW you can sneak your running shoes and get out the door before those lil’ bastards realize what’s happening! ;-)

Okay, okay, in normal talk - Doing something creates a snowball effect. That’s why it doesn’t even really matter WHAT you are doing, just do something, and it will get the ball rolling. The more the ball rolls, the easier it is to keep going and get things done. The bigger the snowball gets, the bigger your doing!

So, go forth my young Jedi, and DO MORE!

Kara PurvesComment