“The only constant in life is change.”

“You could not step twice into the same river.”

Life is full of challenges, highs and lows, and constant changes, even itty bitty ones that we may not even notice as the seconds roll by. We are constantly changing… Aging. And, things are always happening to us, whether it’s a change in the climate, an unexpected appearance at our doorstep, a late package, traffic jam, or a baby spitting up on our new blouse.

Life is happening to us. All. The. Time.

Change affects us all on a daily basis, and we all deal with it in different ways. Sometimes, we resist change, while others time we welcome it, while still others times we simply ignore it. Regardless of how we deal with it, though, change is still happening. Life moves on with or without us. The big question is, where will you be?!

In my very short 38 years of life, I have come to the conclusion that there really are only TWO things we can all be certain of in life:

  1. We will die.

  2. Change will occur today.

Now, the most powerful realization any one of us can have is that the circumstances and changes themselves DO NOT dictate how our lives will go, but rather, HOW WE REACT & ACT to them will. Our feelings and behaviors dictate each of us.

Over the weekend, we moved the rig around in the main room. We also set up the bikes, rowers, and Ski Ergs differently. The entire layout of the gym is different. Why? Not because we had to, the old layout was fine. Not because people requested it. Not because it’s more efficient or a better flow. Nope.

The one and only reason we changed it was quite simply to change it.

You see, we are not here to just open the door, turn up the music, and cheer you on for 10 minutes in the workout. We are here to keep all of you young in body, mind, and spirit. Everything we do is done to help you learn, grow, evolve, progress, and question things.

Every action we take is to provoke you to move forward.

We never want to become complacent, comfortable, set in our ways, or even creatures of habit. Routine and conformity are the death of life. True aging is when we stop playing, learning, and growing. When we stop allowing change to happen.

So, embrace the suck, but even more so, embrace change.

Fitness is a journey. Life is a journey. The one and only destination is death itself. So, until we reach that destination, let’s keep building sand castles that get knocked over by the ocean, and instead of getting mad at the water, hop in and ride the wave! :-)

Kara PurvesComment