CLOSED on Wednesday

Howdy Cadre Crew,

As a team, we have made the executive decision to be CLOSED tomorrow, Wednesday, January 30th for the safety of everyone. We will be closed all day. Thank you for understanding!

Please use your best judgment and only drive as needed tomorrow and Thursday. And, better to be over-prepared than under, so DRESS WARM and workout indoors, but be mindful of the timing you go outside to your car after a workout.

Here are so quick tips for the extreme cold:

  • Wear synthetic fabrics, fleece, and wool

  • Cover your head (especially the ears), fingers and toes

  • Know the warning signs of Frostbite: Numbness, followed by tingling or burning sensations

  • Know the warning signs of Hypothermia: Slurred speech, intense uncontrollable shivering, loss of coordination, indifferent

  • Pay attention to weather updates

  • Stay hydrated, which seems obvious during the summer, but not as obvious during winter

  • Wear waterproof and windproof gear and shoes/boots

If you need to get your sweat on tomorrow, go for it! Most temperatures are safe to still workout in, you just have to be smart about it and know how and when. The early afternoon, if possible, is a better time to workout outdoors, because your body is warmer and looser after the morning grind, and the temperatures may be warmer, too. Otherwise, if possible, workout indoors the next couple of days, and be sure to clean up, dry off, and dress in warm, dry clothes from head to toe before heading back outside after your sweat sesh! ;-)

Be smart. Be safe. Be awesome.

Kara PurvesComment