Fork It Friday: Balling on a Budget

“Eating healthy is too expensive.”

“I cannot afford to shop at Whole Foods.”

“I am balling on a budget.”

These are all things I have heard when talking with people about a sustainable lifestyle change. I have GREAT news: you can still eat well without breaking the bank!

For starters, it is much less expensive to make your meals yourself using whole ingredients as opposed to buying ready-to-eat meals. For example, buying one salad with grilled chicken at a restaurant is usually between $12-15, where buying ingredients to make enough salads with grilled chicken for 5 days will cost around $15. That is approximately $3 per salad. Talk about cost effective—5 meals for the price of 1!  

It is also possible to be a smart shopped by knowing your community. Family owned and operated establishments (like the Kent Natural Food Co-Op in Kent or Krieger’s in Cuyahoga Falls) are typically priced very reasonably, as well as bulk food stores (such as Costco and Sam’s Club). It is also important to keep in mind that some items may have a high price, such as protein ($30 per canister), but when you consider the price per unit it is much easier to wrap your mind around the investment in you that you are making.  I am also an avid Aldi shopper, which is owned by Trader Joe’s. While they do not always have everything I am looking for, their produce is very reasonable priced and high quality!

Stay tuned for next week’s Fork it Friday where I will take you inside my grocery shopping trip and meal prep! :-)

~ Coach Alyssa


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