Improvement Imminent




  1. 1.

    about to happen.

    "they were in imminent danger of being swept away"

    synonyms: impending, at hand, close, near, approaching, fast approaching, coming, forthcoming, on the way, about to happen, upon us, in store, in the offing, in the pipeline, on the horizon, in the air, in the wind, brewing, looming, looming large

** Improvement Imminent - Weekly Walkthrough Podcast ** 

If you haven’t heard already, Coach JonMichael and his brother, Coach Philip (Co-Owner of CrossFit CLE) do all of our programming at CrossFit Cadre. Each week, they take the time to meticulously select workouts that provide constantly varied workloads, time domains, and levels of intensities and skills, to help us better perform at LIFE.

This is LIFE Training!

“General Physical Preparedness (GPP)” is the buzzword for it. It’s being able to do everything well enough to get it done. Not necessarily master or be exceptionally great at - That is specializing, and unlike traditional sports and fitness classes we are used to, CrossFit is everything. Literally. Everything fitness.

We strongly encourage all of you to listen each week to Coach JM & Coach Phil’s podcast as they discuss the upcoming week, the workouts, the intentions and focus, and how to best execute each one for yourself in order to achieve self-improvement.

For those of you who have already been listening to the podcasts, there is a bit of a change to their structure. They are going to start to release the podcast in 2 parts to allow them to dive deeper into each days training while also making these more digestible as 3-day segments.

Remember to stop back in on Wednesday morning for Part B!

Check out Part A for this week here:

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