Fork It Friday

Happy Fork It Friday! — a punny way to end your week on a high note and learn a little something new from CrossFit Cadre’s very own Coach Alyssa! ;-)

Our first issue will answer a question submitted by Steven. He asks:

“Should you eat enough calories for your resting metabolic rate at the weight you are currently at or the weight you would like to be at?”

This is a great question—and is a great place for me to include my shameless plug of why working with me is so awesome and beneficial. I take the guess work out of the “Fitness + Nutrition = Your Best You” equation.  

Often times when you are first embarking on your quest for a sustainable lifestyle, you can feel overwhelmed incredibly fast. There are so many things you are looking to change at once that before you know it, there is too much to keep track of. You are beyond hungry because you forgot to eat, and now you find yourself eating an entire bag of Doritos with a jar of peanut butter in a single sitting to cope with your emotions.

By working with me, all you have to do is tell me what your goals are, and we come up with a realistic, systematic, personalized plan of action TOGETHER, that is specific to YOU and your stage of life. There is strength in numbers and teamwork makes the dream work! END PLUG.

With that being said, as it is possible to over-eat, it is also possible to under-eat. Steven asks a great question, and the super simple answer is “when trying to lose weight, eat less calories than your body needs to maintain your current weight (resting metabolic rate).”  

However the-once-so-simple-answer is a thing of the past. As more research is published and health, wellness, and nutrition are a known necessity to your quality of life, it is important to realize there is more to being healthy then just eating for calories. It is more about the TYPES of foods you are eating—or should be eating.

These foods include meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.

Before focusing on quantity, first start with quality.

If you would like more information for your goals specifically, schedule an appointment with me! You can email me at

PLEASE NOTE: Under eating is as serious of an issue as using incorrect form on a Deadlift: it is dangerous and you could seriously hurt yourself. If you are new to making a lifestyle change, I highly encourage you to work with me (or another trusted trained professional in health, fitness & nutrition).

Just as you wouldn’t try to figure out how to fix your transmission on your own, so too should you not try to fix your nutrition without some form of professional help. Whether it be with a dietitian, your primary doctor, nutrition coach, etc. The added bonus to working with me (or other professional) is the face-to-face interactions, strong rapport, and consistent accountability and support.

Nutrition is SOOO much more challenging and convoluted compared to anything we do in the gym. That saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym,” is so true! You can’t outrun a poor diet. Let’s get together and figure it out!

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