How a Wedding Dress Changed It All

Take a wild guess as to what the #1 resolution every new year is. Just one guess. I bet you could get it without having to think about it for very long.

Yep - To lose weight.

Now, this is a concept that has been popular for, well, gosh, way too long! It’s a very well-intended fitness goal, and I totally get it, as I have fluctuated with weight myself.

The major problem we see in the health & fitness industry, though, is that weight loss is a multi-BILLION dollar money-maker filled with empty promises and unsafe methods. What’s worse, all of the schemes and gimmicks have only short-term results, meaning, once you’re done with the product or service, you’ll end up returning right back to where you started from. And, that, my friends, is why they keep making money year after year after year - They are profiting from our insecurities.

I’ll confess that I, too, fell into the traps of weight loss schemes - I tried Slim-Fast, I took Hydroxycut, I tried the Green Tea Diet, the South Beach Diet, Strict Paleo, I also took Stack’d, I’ve done cleanses and fasts, and I’ve even tried a severely low caloric intake. Ugh! I’ve tried all the classes, all the personal trainers, all of the extreme sports and activities. I’ve done long distance triathlons and running events. I’ve done the 4-5 hours a day in the gym thing.

Now… Listen, and listen well…

I found CrossFit in the beginning of 2009. My husband, Spencer, and I got engaged in February 2009. I said yes to the dress in April, and at that time weighed about 136, which is my “normal weight.” We did CrossFit 4-5 days a week, dabbled in the Paleo diet, and I just focused on learning all of the new movements and trying to get my first pull up.

Then… In August, I went in for my final dress fitting (our wedding was in October). My seamstress was visibly disturbed, and I thought maybe I had the wrong dress on because it did not fit me at all. In fact, it was way too big. The seamstress said, “Did you lose a lot of weight?!” I shook my head and explained that I weighed THE EXACT SAME as I did in April when I first got the dress. She looked annoyed at me in disbelief. As she pinned my dress, she said that it may not be possible to alter it due to the special sequins-design.

My dress had to be brought down TWO DRESS SIZES. And yet, I literally weighed the same 136 pounds.

In the end, it all worked out, and our wedding was amazing, as well as my dress. But, it was at this very pivotal moment in my life that I finally realized that weight is just a number on the scale.

I realized that when we focus on the important things, like nutrition and performance, then everything else will fall into place naturally.

For the first time in my life as I was genuinely working hard on my eating habits and CrossFit, I unknowingly improved my aesthetics and my body changed shape to reflect my actions.

So, the bottom line is this - FOCUS ON PERFORMANCE. Focus on doing the movements correctly, scaling the workouts appropriately for yourself to meet your needs and abilities, and eating and drinking for nourishment, recovery, and performance. Focus on quality training and nutrition.

Throw away the damn scale. In fact, throw away the whole idea of “I want to lose 20-30 pounds” all together!

Instead, let’s focus on, “I want to increase my muscle mass by 5 pounds, I want to increase my Clean & Jerk 1RM by 5-10%, I want to improve my mobility and flexibility, I want to learn 20 new Paleo recipes this year, I want to achieve my first strict pull up, I want to run my first half marathon, I want to love myself more…”

We need to re-train our thinking patterns. We need to shift focus from the empty numbers on the scale, to the much more meaningful numbers on the barbell, the body fat test, the whiteboard, as well as our own internal scale of happiness and well-being.

Let’s make 2019 not only the year of new health & fitness goals, but also the year of NEW THINKING! ;-)

Kara PurvesComment