What's in a Number!?!?

What’s in a number?


What’s in a number you ask? A LOT if you’re paying attention to details. The number you need to reach your closest loved one, the tally of repetitions you managed to “squeak out” with that last round of work, the percentage of your one repetition maximum or the sequence of commas in your bank account. All of these indices have different meanings yet all are derivatives of numbers.


Those of you who have been on this CrossFit/Fitness journey with us for a while understand the importance and benefit of self-evaluation, openness to constructive criticism and willingness to put in the work to correct those deficiencies. Excellence is often an elusive target that takes total focus and concentration to hit consistently. A number of moving parts can add to the difficulty of aligning these integral pieces. Growth as an athlete, continues to occur IF you prescribe to the belief that excellence is NOT achieved, it is MAINTAINED. As Coach Greg Glassman, the founder and continued champion of CrossFit once said…” We fail at the margins of our own experience.”


In the same vein of self-improvement, we as a CrossFit/Fitness facility and commUNITY need to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate OUR performance. We need to fail at the margins of OUR experience. All of this introspection is pivotal when we ask…“are we providing the absolute best for the athletes that trust us with their fitness and wellness?” How do we continue to challenge and keep you engaged? What changes do we need to make in our operations to assure that you are receiving the best value for your hard-earned money?


Those of you paying attention may have noticed a survey we sent out a few weeks ago. The number of questions we asked you to answer was 10. Not too long but long but long enough to get the broad strokes and over-all feel of where we need to look for improvement. As a facility, constant self-scrutiny affords us the opportunity to change tact when needed and actively challenge you to reach/exceed your fitness goals.


As we gauge your responses, Cadre continues to focus on OUR metrics as a commUNITY. We’re excited to see 92 responses to the 256 surveys we sent out. That’s more than 35% of you who cared enough to give us your candid feedback!

Survey times averaged 5 minutes but some took upwards of 23. THAT’S meaningful!


As you can guess, answers and impressions were all along the spectrum. We enjoyed the overwhelming number of positive responses. Who doesn’t like to hear great things about themselves?  As odd as it may seem, those WERE NOT the reasons we “put ourselves out there”. We actually sought out the critical comments, the “goats”, areas we need to improve in.


So far, a multitude of people are challenged by the programming and a few are confused with our purpose in what we program. Many of you enjoy the coaching and some need more in depth, cues and focus on your technique. Some want more nutritional challenges and awareness. Some feel the need (as do we) for more instructional courses like the rowing course we offered January 6th or a Double Under or Gymnastics refresher (forthcoming). Others want more equipment, more focus on Master’s athletes’ needs (I’m biased there) and some would like more opportunities to gather and interact as a commUNITY OUTSIDE of the classes we do at Cadre. These are but a few examples of the valuable insights we gleaned from your thoughtful responses.  


Suffice it to say, we solely exist to serve YOU. We solely exist BECAUSE of YOU. Knowing this, we can say that we have taken these variances and areas for improvement to heart. We’ll do our best to make the proper adjustments and continue to stay hungry for excellence.


Over the years, we have poured blood, sweat and tears (I’m a softie) into Cadre and more importantly our dynamic commUNITY. We strive to offer EVERY Cadre athlete the excellence and outcomes that YOU pay your hard-earned money for. In the spirit of OUR self- improvement, we are happy to take critiques and cues from YOU!


I have always prescribed to transparency and an “open door” policy. Sometimes conversations about areas of improvement can be awkward. Believe me, coaching, pointing out faults and cuing athletes can feel the same. The most important part of growing is being open to input…positive and MOST importantly, negative.


The beauty of the survey you took was that all responses were anonymous! You spoke your mind and that’s outstanding! Now…I would like to offer you a chance to take it one step further and talk to me privately. I am expecting and would appreciate CRITICAL feedback specific to your experience and needs as a Cadre athlete. THESE are the “numbers” I need to hear from to be able to make this everything you need. I have added some “scaling for comfort” options for those of you who have an aversion to randomly striking up a conversation the next time you see me:)


Email: jason@crossfitcadre.com


Mobile: 216-224-4440 text or call (old school).


For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m laid back, easy-going and I am ASKING for your help. God gave me 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. I WILL make time for you! Please help us with our pursuit to be YOUR number one spot to reach and exceed YOUR fitness goals!