New Year's Eve & Helpful Tips

Important Reminder for tomorrow

Monday, December 31st

8:30 & 9:30am Classes only

We will be CLOSED the rest of the day!

We hope y’all have a wonderful night of celebration as we prepare to ring in the new year. Whether you’re out in the big city, over at a friend or family’s house, living it up penthouse suite style, watching the Big Apple fall, or spending a quiet night at home (and maybe even just going to bed at a reasonable hour), we hope you are happy and safe! :-)

Also, here are a few helpful tips on staying on track with your health & fitness goals, but also allowing yourself to celebrate and enjoy life:

1) Eat a healthy dinner BEFORE going out to the party and drinking. This can help prevent over-indulging and over-drinking

2) Alternate drinks between a glass of water and a glass of whatever indulgence you desire. This can help keep you hydrated, as well as possibly prevent too much drinking, aaand may even prevent a hangover the next day!

3) Snack throughout the party, especially if you are drinking. Most, if not all, problems arise from too much drinking with very little to no food in the tummy!

4) Set up your bed BEFORE going out, so then when you get home it’ll be like mommy is taking care of you. Have pajamas or sweats laid out, bed set to climb into, and maybe even leave a can of Sprite or ginger ale next to your bed and drink it before you go to sleep. Also, leave a bottle of water next to your bed, because you’ll definitely want that in the morning! You may even want to leave some Saltine crackers or graham crackers next to your bed.

5) Have a safe plan of getting home BEFORE you start drinking. Is someone going to be the designated driver? And, if they end up drinking, then what is Plan B?! Uber? Friend or family? HAVE A PLAN, as well as a back up plan!

6) Avoid taking Tylenol or aspirin, as they can add to the stress of your already overworked liver.

7) If you have any pets, be sure they are in a safe place if there are any fireworks near you.

8) If you’re staying at a hotel, take a picture of your room number on your smartphone, and drop a pin on your phone’s map. Better safe than sorry, and you just never know how you’re going to be after partying.

9) Be smart with your drinking cups, and NEVER LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED, especially in bars and unfamiliar places. If you do leave a cup somewhere for a period of time, just get a new drink! Be smart. Be safe.

10) Stick together. Especially when leaving the party, have a buddy to go home with, walk together in the parking lot, etc.

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