Christmas Class Schedule & How to Enjoy the Holidays

Just a reminder that on Monday, Dec 24th we will be having an 8:30 & 9:30am Class ONLY, and then we will be CLOSED the rest of the day.

On Tuesday, Dec 25th, we will be CLOSED for Christmas Day.

On Wednesday, Dec 26th, we will be back to our regularly scheduled program (normal class schedule).


Now, just a quick note on how to enjoy the holidays - JUST ENJOY IT! ;-)

Too often, we can take our “challenges” and “goals” too seriously, and while discipline and dedication are important, we are also allowed to be human and enjoy life from time to time. The trick is to enjoy the holidays treats WITHOUT over-indulging. You can have a glass of wine and a piece of pumpkin pie. Just not the whole bottle and three pieces of pie in one sitting!

Everything in moderation.

One of the most challenging parts of enjoying the holidays is to NOT feel guilty and shame yourself for having that glass of wine or piece of pie. Gosh darn it, you are allowed to live!

Food is NOT punishment or reward. We are not dogs.

Exercise is NOT punishment for what you’ve eaten and drank, either. It is a celebration of what our bodies can do, and an investment in our own health and fitness.

So… Please enjoy your family and friends during these festivities, be grateful for this moment, and live your life the way you’d want your obituary to be written. I’m NOT giving you permission to self-sabotage, though. I am giving you permission, however, to be more human, to love yourself, and to allow a few indulgences along the way, because we really do only get ONE life to live.

Happy Holidays, friends!

Kara PurvesComment