What a Weekend!

Huge shout out to all of the amazing and courageous athletes who participated this weekend at the Rogue Winter Classic! The Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland is a site to see! It was so energizing and inspiring to be in that environment, and we are so proud of each and every person who put themselves out there and pushed it to their limits!

Special THANK YOU to all of the incredible volunteers and judges!

Without all of those tireless and selfless men & women, absolutely none of this would be possible. Thank you for giving your time and energy to this event, and for making it a memorable weekend for all involved. You are appreciated and recognized more than you know, and we just cannot say thank you enough!!! XOXO

On a different note - Have you gotten your ugly sweater and small white elephant gift yet?!

Remember that Cadre is hosting a “Holiday Potluck, Ugly Sweaters & White Elephant Party” on Saturday, December 15th, and YOU’RE INVITED!!

This is a family-friendly event, so kids are welcome, too! We just ask that you please supervise and control as needed (Otherwise we will give them Mountain Dew and a flea-ridden puppy to bring home). ;-) I’ll be there with my girls, and they LOVE to dance, so get your sweet moves ready for a battle!

I will post a sign-up sheet tomorrow morning (Monday) for y’all to mark what you will be bringing to the party. Please be as specific as possible so that we do not have any repeats or too much of any one thing. Thanks in advance for helping us make this party awesome!

Back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow (aka normal class schedule, now that the Rogue Winter Classic is over with). See y’all in the gym!

Kara PurvesComment