No Fear! Skill and Safety


Athlete “Walk on my hands???? No way!”

Coach “Why not?”

Athlete “Because I’m scared I’ll fall.”

Fear is a good thing. It typically keeps us from doing something stupid. Unfortunately, it also holds us back from trying new things. In CrossFit, new experiences are common. At Cadre we are always pushing our limits. It can be a heavier load on the barbell, faster pace on the Erg, or attempting your first push-up. The list goes on and on. Anything can be seen as a mountain to climb and a formidable task to be overcome.

As we develop in the CrossFit world, higher skill exercises and drills become more attainable and enticing. As Coaches, we are here to teach, push your experiences forward and ensure safety. The ability to safely execute a movement is one thing. Being able to help your fellow Athlete safely execute that same movement is another.


Bottom line, we are a team and a family. Learning to help each other along and ensure safety is all of our responsibility. Taking on that responsibility allows us to not only have ownership of what we do as a community, but also helps us develop trust and confidence.

Today, with the instruction of our great Coaches, I saw Athletes perform a higher skill movement they never thought they would be able to do. Trust was affirmed with each member of the class and confidence was developed in each individual’s abilities. Keep up the hard work Crew!

Ian MurrayComment