The staff at Cadre would like to THANK YOU for the POSITIVE commUNITY you have forged over these past 3.5 years! We are proud of the fact that YOU make the commitment to walk through those doors, put forth the effort and in turn, experience tangible results!Through our growth and progression we have experienced ups and downs. Good days and bad. Great ideas and a few that needed or still require some fine-tuning. We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t have ALL the answers. We will also tell you that we’re relentlessly committed to finding them. One unique property of CrossFit is NO TWO FACILITIES ARE THE SAME! For example, we are steeped in CrossFit methodology yet we advocate other forms of fitness (i.e. Band-It, Fit4Me, Met-Con Monday). We take pride in our own unique identifier: our “fingerprint” if you will.

Good, bad or indifferent, each “Box” has it’s own ethos, atmosphere and leadership style. In these 3.5 years we’ve observed two camps: 1) Positive 2) Negative

Not to get all “Confucius” on you but embodying one means understanding the other. Let’s take a look-see. Learner's definition of NEGATIVITY negativity /ˌnɛgəˈtɪvəti/ noun : an attitude in which someone considers only the bad qualities of someone or something


Unfortunately, there are those few within the global CrossFit community that continually have to tell you “how much they know”, what everyone else is “doing wrong” and how “superior” they are. These unfortunate souls are missing the BIG picture and thus the unique qualities that EVERY CrossFit has to offer! Witnessing this unproductive behavior affords us the perspective to TRULY appreciate how blessed we are at Cadre!

A brief review Cadre’s Cardinal rules tells us: 1) You're and adult (although some of us may be stuck in 6th grade humor…ahem!) 2) Smile and have fun! 3) NO DRAMA! We’ve found the aforementioned 3 rules to be pretty simple and effective. This framework is the "compass" that allows us to keep a bearing on our unique and POSITIVE “fingerprint”.

In short, we just wanted to take a moment to recognize ALL of you for your positive outlook, undying support and willingness espouse acceptance! We’re proud of our fingerprint! Lets start leaving them EVERYWHERE!!!!