Footprints On Our Soul

Really at a loss as to where we begin with this post!? This is heartbreaking and unprecedented within our close knit community. Today we mourn the loss of the bravest and most inspirational athlete to walk across the threshold at CrossFit Cadre. Megan Welker, loving Wife, dedicated Mother and avid CrossFitter, lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) today at 11:30. The Welkers

To this day, we vividly remember when Megan and Mike Welker walked, albeit hesitantly, through the door. Mike, a former Marine and understandably a protective husband, was pensive, reserved and unsure of what we could do for Megan. We could tell that Mike wasn't sure if this CrossFit "thing" was a good idea. We talked about Megan's battle with Cystic Fibrosis, the waiting period to receive a lung transplant, her successful surgery and her battle to gain back the strength she had lost during the process. After a detailed discussion of our plan and reassurance that we would let Megan dictate her progress; Mike shook our hands and gave us the "go ahead".

Our first impression of Megan was "frail". Much to our surprise, this soft spoken woman possessed an inner strength and underlying confidence forged by frequently "thumbing her nose at death". She had survived and thrived through unimaginable pain and suffering! Wimmediately took note of Megan's "can do" attitude and her willingness to push through the "suck!" Close evaluation of her performance gave us the clues to modify  her WOD or just have her stop and take a breath . She NEVER once asked us to rest or for a break. Many times Megan would work so hard that she would visibly change color! She had THAT kind of fire and drive!  


Pretty soon, Mike was at her side (per usual) giving her the space she needed to work but ALWAYS with a watchful eye. Megan began to see improvement and the two of them began coming in as s couple. Pretty soon their 7 year-old daughter Shelby began to participate in Cadre Kids. The entire family became a huge inspiration for all of us! When we were feeling sorry for ourselves during a WOD we'd look up and see Megan going after it…talk about a reality check!

Megan slowly began to struggle and decline. Her Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) started to ebb. Sadly, Megan was notified that her previously transplanted lungs were failing. It was time to go back on the transplant list. Regardless, Megan was up for the challenge and couldn't wait to get another set of lungs so that she could get back to being the Wife, Mother and CrossFitter she knew she could be. Megan spent 92 days in the hospital before she came home to "wait" for some good news. Per usual, Mike was at her side as a loving Husband and caregiver day and night. Mike kept us posted of her resolve and medical condition. Unfortunately, Megan's hard-fought battle ended today.

In our time on this Earth, many people "walk" through our lives. If we're fortunate enough we meet individuals that change us for the better. When that "magic" occurs, we are privileged to know someone who "left their footprints on our soul". Megan is, without a doubt, one of those uncommon individuals! Our prayers, deepest regrets and supportive thoughts go out to the Welker family. 1272092_10201984625798976_531763288_o

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