Holy Moly!!! Guess Who's Changing OLY!?!?!?

Here's something exciting!!! We're all for trying something new so... here goes. This Saturday, Nov. 22nd, we're going to trial an 0830 Olympic Lifting Session on the North side of Cadre. Here's the low down. Coach Anthony Colarusso will offer 1 hour of instruction on  Snatch as well as Clean and Jerk mechanics. The session fee is $10.00 and is a worthwhile investment for those of you wanting to become more proficient at your lifts. We are scheduling it at 0830 so you don't have to choose between hitting the WOD or improving your Oly technique. Both are within your grasp:) Bottom line, we ALL need extra attention in this area. So what are you waiting for? Get some quality time drilling down on those "goats" with a real master of his craft! You'll thank us for it later!!!