What are YOU bringing to the table!?!?!?

What are YOU bringing to the table?


Many familiar images come to mind when the month of November rolls around. The most notable memories are forged around a table. As family and friends, we celebrate our prosperity in the ultimate communal setting, Thanksgiving.  Ideally, everyone involved in the food-filled holiday adds value by “bringing something to the table”.

In many ways, life and CrossFit, parallel this same cooperative concept. When we all look inward and contribute, the energy and results speak for themselves. In the same vein we decided to openly challenge YOU by posing the question… “What are YOU bringing to the table?”

As an athlete, are you making every rep count? Are you “playing it safe” using weight you know will give you a faster time or are you adding a little more and getting stronger? Are you quick to clean up and leave the box while others are still struggling through their “suck” or are you rallying around your fellow athletes?

As a coach, are you maintaining “laser-like” focus EVERY session or are you “phoning it in?” Are you making your way around to every athlete to give subtle cues or are you stationary, missing opportunities to see and correct small errors? Are you able to look inward, open to self-critique or do you “know everything” and have it all “figured out?”

As you see the amazing results of your recent LuRong Paleo Challenge are you continuing to make good decisions on your nutrition or are you just letting go? Is nutrition the foundation of your functional fitness or are you hoping your physical output will give you the results you desire?

Although prepared with love, Thanksgiving meals are fraught with distractions. Are you going to be the person miserable because you ate too much or are you going to take small portions of everything and enjoy your food responsibly?

In ALL of these instances, we are the sum of our parts. Whether you are offering support to someone else or practicing self-control, we ALL deserve your best effort! We implore you to consider these aforementioned concepts for the month of November and all that follow.

It’s officially “out there”. We’ve thrown down the gauntlet. It’s time to add value to your life and those that matter the most. So look inward and take solace in the fact that you know EXACTLY what you are brining to the table!!!