"Blast in the Grass!!!!"

Hello Cadre Crew!!! Summer is in full swing and as you know, we like to mix it up a little bit from time to time:) CrossFit IS  preparation for the unknowable riiiiiiight!?!?!?!? With that said….Friday, July 11th, at 1830, is one of those days. CrossFit Cadre, Lululemon Athletica Akron Showroom, Paleo To Me, and drinkNooma are gathering forces to host an outdoor community WOD a.k.a. "Blast in the Grass!!!" CrossFit Classes will be held at regular hours Friday, July 11th EXCEPT for the 1730 and 1830 sessions. The idea is to encourage Cadre athletes to do something outside "the box" and possibly your comfort zone. We DO know this much…"Blast in the Grass" will be your chance to show why CrossFit is such an outstanding community, showcase your talents and most of all….HAVE A BLAST!!!!!!

So check out the event on Facebook, share it and come test your mettle out doors:) We promise you'll get your sweat on, meet some new people and show Akron that fitness is FUN!!!!