Just Checkin In!!!!

You've  heard it all before. "Numbers don't lie" "Do the math" "Knowledge is power"…the list of clichés goes on and on. As corny as these may seem, the "geek" in us believes that there is some merit here. As you may or may not notice, there is a method to our madness at Cadre. As much as we hate to openly admit it, (hold on to your pocket protectors) we get excited about numbers! We focus on the repetitions achieved, weight moved, amount of rounds completed and….MOST IMPORTANTLY; the amount of athletes that show up to EVERY session... EVERY day!!! The aforementioned data is so important to us that we utilize a white board and check in system (iPad) collectively. "What's the big deal?" you ask. "Does this really matter?" We can say completely and categorically…YES!!!! The reason for these attendance methods is two-fold:

1) The "White Board" is a staple of CrossFit for many reasons. The most important dimension to writing your name under your session time is commUNITY. When you commit to  "buying in" or "making your mark" you show the all important solidarity every athlete feeds off of! In essence, you have "thrown your hat in the ring" for shared suffering and a fellowship in sweat:) It's what makes CrossFit unique and exciting!!!

2) The benefits of signing in on the iPad are also manifold! YOU may not see the immediate advantage of this tedious ritual. Believe us when we say that checking in has a HUGE impact on Cadre!!! That whole "numbers thing" we touched on earlier comes full circle here. The data we cull from your check in process allows us to assess trends in attendance, plan for staff on the floor as well as maintain/enhance the training you've become accustomed to.

So whether you are coming in early, on time, late or just coming in to do your own thing during open gym….SIGN IN and CHECK IN BEFORE you do ANYTHING else!!! The last and final cliché we'll use is "Anything worth doing... is worth doing well." These steps truly make a difference to the most important  part of Cadre...YOU!  Thank you again for helping us make Cadre the place where elite fitness and commUNITY is PARAMOUNT!!!