Modified "MAY"hem

Wow! Call us crazy but MAY is already here!!! "Why is May such a big deal?" you ask. Let's start by listing the BIG TICKET items:

1) May is the month that we institute a 31 day campaign to build and enhance the Cadre community. How do we make a great place better!?!?!? Surround ourselves with friends and family! That is how our community has grown strong both physically and mentally over these past two years.

Here's what we're going to doBeginning May 1st, we are encouraging Cadre athletes to bring in a friend or family member. If your friend or loved one commits to a month unlimited…YOU get a month for FREE!!!! That's right! You heard us correctly! No flashy billboards, groupons or smoke and mirrors. It's just our way of thanking you for investing in the QUALITY, focused growth and extension of "fitness excellence" to the people you know and love:) Yes! We hear the wheels turning as you read thisIf you get 12 people, friends or family members, to sign up for a month unlimitedyou get... a year free! That's how it works. Straight forward! So gear up to kindly urge the people you care about the most... to get after it! We can't wait to see the inflow of more great athletes!!! 

2) Reebok CrossFit Central East Regionals: We are done with The Reebok CrossFit Open and the scores have been tallied. Some of our individual athletes have been cordially invited to continue their quest for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. For our individual athletes, the road to "The Games" is routed directly through the crucible called Central East Regionals, May 16th -18th in Cincinnati, OH. This 3 day test of fitness is daunting yet soooo inspiring! We encourage as many Cadre athletes as possible to make the journey down to cheer on our athletes. They feed off of it! Heck! You'll find yourself cheering for individuals and teams you've never met before!!! As a caveat… we may have modified hours of operation Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th of that week. We'll keep you posted:)

3) Last but definitely NOT least, is the fruit of countless hours of passionate preparation…The HAMMY!!!! We are excited to host this, the 3rd annual HAMMY Fundraising WOD and 5K, Sunday May 25th, Memorial Day Weekend!!!! This is an event for everyone! Come throw down with everyone from novice CrossFitters to high level athletes. Run/walk the 5 K. If you just want to encourage and support other athletes during both events…that's cool too:) Point is…be there! The venue will be KSU Dix Stadium with the 5k starting at 0800. Subsequent HAMMY WOD heats will begin at 0900 and continue every 30 minutes throughout the dayMay 8th is the deadline to register and get a T-Shirt included. Don't wait!!!

In short, we urge you to read this email at least TWICE or more to truly absorb all the "awesomeness"!!! If you have questions…ask staff. There are numerous ways to "grab life by the barbell"; make Modified "MAYhem" one of them!!!!