Act Like You Own The Place!!!

If you are a Cadre athlete, you know how much we cherish YOU! We have MAD respect for anyone with enough "gumption" to cross our threshold and put forth the effort day out. We strive to offer the best coaching, equipment and above all, a supportive atmosphere necessary excel. As our close-knit community continues to grow, so does our "laser-like"focus. We have the utmost respect for YOU and your fitness goals.Within the aforementioned endeavors, we have taken steps to ensure that EVERY 60 minute session is its own entity or "sanctuary" for CrossFit. Maybe you're thinking "So….what's this have to do with ME…the Athlete????" Here's where the "coolness quotient" kicks up a few notches!!! All of these factors can be summarized in one sentence: CrossFit Cadre is….all about YOU!!!

YOU pay the bills. YOU keep the lights on. YOU create the unique environment and atmosphere that we all revere!

In essence…YOU…own the place!!! In doing so, ownership elicits certain intangibles: pride, responsibility, and a personal investment in assuring success. So…"alright already!!!! Get to the point!!!" As staff we are starting to notice some daily occurrences that take away from the atmosphere, appearance and sometimes longevity of the equipment we hold so dear. Here are some opportunities/facets YOU can take ownership of:

1) Clean up your implements (boxes, barbells, bumpers, rowers, etc..)  after you finish your WOD or extra work on the North Side.

2) Wipe down your equipment (Med Balls, barbells, ab-mats, rowers, etc..) after you are finished. CrossFit is a strenuous, high intensity sport. Sweat, snot, and occasionally blood literally goes hand-in-hand. We supply disinfectant spray and towels for you to erase any evidence of your chalk/DNA/"biologicals"left behind. If none is readily available, ask a staff member to hook you up.

3) Take the tape you unravel, empty water bottles and any other disposable items to the trash after completion of your workout. 

4) Be respectful of the following class when your 60 minute "escape from reality" is concluded. Extra work is encouraged and we'd actually like to see MORE athletes utilizing the North Side for extra/post session work on those "goats". We just want to make sure that the oncoming class time is as respected and distraction free as yours was:)  

When all is said and done, we respect EVERY athlete and strive to espouse the atmosphere of excellence you ALL deserve. We'd like to thank you in advance! Your "ownership" in this process will go a looooong way to ensure Cadre remains a box-wide success!!!!