Killing The Question Mark

Not to get too "nerdy" but punctuation is pretty cool! No need for you closet geeks to break out those protractors and pocket protectors just yet! "Simma down nah!!!" The little addendum we place on the end of a word or sentence can run the gambit of urgency, inquiry, excitement or just being matter of fact. As you know, text alone can be misinterpreted. Let's take texting and emails for example. The aforementioned modes of communication are convenient but can leave you one or two steps removed from the original intent. This blog is yet another medium in which text may be misconstrued. Make no mistake…our message will be crystal clear by the end of this post.


As the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Open winds up (registration starts this Wed. Jan. 15th) you will hear the buzz and banter among those athletes who have participated in years past. If you've never experienced or participated in "The Open" you may ask yourself "What's so great about The Reebok CrossFit Open?"

Believe me, we understand your trepidation. Any time the word "competition" comes into play, people stiffen up, anxious visions of "losing" or looking foolish emerge. You begin to focus on what you don't know or ways you are unprepared. The focus on the negative can become so daunting that your self-fulfilling prophecy "hamstrings" you before you can even take a step. This is where the "UNITY" in the Cadre commUNITY comes in.

The beauty of The Open is…anyone can participate!!! All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to "throw down"! Try that in the NFL and see how it works…or doesn't. With that said, the staff and previous Open competitors are here to help make "alterations" in your punctuation! We're here to... "kill the question mark". Wha whaaaaaat!?!?!? You heard us. We're going to change "What's so great about The Reebok CrossFit Open?" to "What's so great about The Reebok CrossFit Open!" The following are just a 10 of 1000 reasons why you should participate.

Top 10 reasons you should sign up for "The Open"

1) You'll improve….period

2) You'll have fun

3) You'll find strengths you never knew you had

4) You'll grow closer with your fellow participants on all levels

5) You'll gain new-found self-respect

6) You'll see how far you've come

7) You'll complete workouts you wouldn't have tried on your own

8) You'll learn strategy

9) You'll increase your knowledge base

10) Oh yeah! Forgot to mention…you'll improve…period

With that said, think about the courage it took to walk into Cadre your first day. You weren't sure what you were getting yourself into. Now look back at what that venture has yielded you. You look better naked, you're stronger, more mobile and have a larger circle of like-minded, genuine friends.  Bottom line…The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Open is your chance to put yourself "out there" and see how fun and rewarding this sport can be! Let's change "I can?" to "I can!!!!!!"