Thoughts on Thanksgiving

It's that time of year when we put our money (or at least a variety of food)  where our mouth is. Many athletes like to preemptively put in extra work to counteract the gluttony that is about to ensue!  As our beloved Darnell Sanders might say…"It's about to go DOWN!!!!" On that note…we'd like to challenge you to approach the food-filled festivities with a tincture of discretion. We ALL know that we're going to fall prey to Grandma's/Mom's cooking. Our advice….Do it!!! Don't deprive yourself of your traditional Thanksgiving fare. You are human and sometimes it's better to "scratch that itch" we ALL have this time of year. The caveat to this is…USE DISCRETION.

1)Have a little bit of everything. Yes, you can have 1/4 slice of 4 pies (to total one piece). You'll afford yourself the full spectrum of flavors without the unneeded caloric intake.

2) Surround yourself with healthy munchies: Fruits, Veggies, Nuts etc...

3) Drink plenty of H20 every time you munch. It will keep you from getting dehydrated (e.g. hungry as a result) and allow you to feel full longer.

4) Eat a reasonable amount every 2.5 to 3 hours. You'll feel better and be less likely to "starve" yourself thus increasing the odds of "overshoot" when it's "go time".

5) Approach it like a WOD! If you can get through 100 burpees or a 30 minute "chipper" you are mentally tough enough to weather the onslaught of food shoveled/lovingly served your way:)

6) Use this time to be an example to your loved ones. I'm sure you tell them all about your challenging WODS and the vital decision you made to take your health and fitness seriously. What better time to let your actions speak for themselves:)

The Schedule for the week of 11/12/13 is as follows:


Monday-Wednesday = Normal hours of operation.

Thursday = NO Sessions (enjoy your families)

Friday = Normal hours of operation

Saturday = Normal hours of operation

So be thankful for your health, freedom, ability to see your family in person (even the annoying ones) and keep our service men/women and their families in the forefront of your mind. We know you'll represent!!!!! The Staff at Cadre wish you a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving!!!