Break On Through To The Other Side!!!

Life is funny sometimes. We find comfort in our routines, how we go about our daily lives...the knowable. Human nature at it's finest. Sometimes within the confines of CrossFit, the epitome of the "unknowable", we're happy to show up, (grumble a little) and hit the WOD with merciless aggression. We leave physically spent and emotionally charged. Our sense of accomplishment is invigorating! In our mind there's truly nothing more we could do to improve…or is there?  Geoffrey Chaucer, possibly the greatest English poet in history,  is credited with the quote "Nothing ventured nothing gained." Apply Chaucer's ethos to Cadre/CrossFit and you may just answer the aforementioned question with conviction. As you know by now, we pride ourselves in providing you with every possible tool to "step your game up". With that said, it is our responsibility to inform you of ALL the opportunities to improve your  overall health and functional fitness. Being blessed with 15,000 square feet of space has allowed us to keep 7500 square feet as our mainstay and CrossFit "sanctuary ", if you will. We have found that this protected space is a safe haven for everything that Cadre is founded upon….YOU the athlete.

You may also notice, we offer a multitude of other fitness services to a variety of athletes. Enter…. the "North Side" of Cadre. This "sister" space houses Band-it Fitness and Performance, LLC a few batting cages as well as an additional strength and skill development area. At any given time you may see team, individual and more experienced CrossFit athletes honing their athletic edge. Well…guess who ELSE that space is set up for….YOU!!!

There's a little known, widely publicized "secret" at Cadre called "Open Gym". It's a scheduled time for athletes like yourself to put in extra/ancillary work and "tighten up" your game. You can attack your "goats" albeit rowing, double-unders or working on those confounded Olympic lifts,to name a few. Look at it as a workshop put in place just for YOU (notice a theme here?). Consider it a perk of being a Cadre athlete. With that being said, don't hesitate to pick the brains of the more seasoned athletes. They are a wealth of knowledge and are happy to offer tips and advice when not in the midst of their own WOD:)

With privilege comes responsibility. We have a few rules to make workflow and space management smooth.

1) Smile: You're working out in one of the coolest facilities around!

2) Adhere to Open Gym hours: These are set in place to allow other activities to occur. Hours are subject to change from time-to-time based on space requirements.

3) Leave it better than you left it: Clean up your area, put your implements back, wipe down any equipment you chalked or slimed up with your "biologicals". It's all about respecting the space and your fellow athletes;).

4) Become stronger and more efficient: You WILL if you put in the extra work:)

All of that said…come in, work hard, have fun and….break on through the other side! We'll be expecting you:)


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