Proof's in the PUDDING!!!

Once again, another Akron Marathon has come and gone. Sore muscles and joints slowly reveal themselves as we go about our daily lives. We are none worse for the wear. We ARE CrossFitters. Soreness is a sign of effort, growth and progress:) Experiencing the communal energy and watching elite level runners maintain blazing paces was awe-inspiring! Hats off for the level of dedication, drive, discipline and mental toughness it takes to run that fast for that long! Exposure to the "running world" always provides valuable perspective.

Perspective is defined as: "a particular attitude or way of regarding something; point of view." "True understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion."

Many people who don't CrossFit have their own perspective of what we are all about. Sometimes the perspective is that CrossFitters think their sport is the be all end all. We sometimes have, shall we say, overzealous CrossFitters that may have a biased "sense of proportion". Touting CrossFit as the "magic bullet" can ruffle some feathers in other specialized athletic circles. People can be protective and defensive about their sport. No surprise there. What's your initial response to denouncers of CrossFit?

I'd like to challenge you to "pump the brakes" on that CrossFit bus for a bit and gain your own perspective. What makes CrossFit so successful? Why does it work so well? Let's start with what we specialize in...nothing!!! We actually specialize in not specializing!?!?!? Coach Glassman saw the value in culling out the best and most efficient attributes of multiple sports. As a matter of fact, CrossFit continues to evolve. New concepts and variables are constantly applied to improve our bottom line....increasing functional fitness.

Example: Everyone who knows me understands that I am NOT a runner. I am NOT built for long distance running to boot! What do I do to improve my deficiency??? I CrossFit. I don't train long distance or run over a contiguous mile. Last time I ran over a mile was....365 days ago at the 2012 Akron Marathon.  In 2012 I had the pleasure of running the 4.5 mile 4th leg (mostly uphill) of the relay...while wearing a 20# weight vest. I didn't set any course records but I DID run the entire time and even finished with some "gas in the tank"! To reevaluate my preparedness in 2013, I decided to add a mile and run the final 5.5 mile leg of the relay...with a #20 weight vest. Not only did I complete the additional mile, I knocked about 2 minutes off of my mile pace from 2012! And again, I finished with energy to continue!

So what's that have to do with the price of wheat in China!?!?!?!? Nothing! What it DOES prove is the validity of what we do every day. It reinforces that "not specializing" gives us that perspective or "...sense of proportion" to know that we're improving our all around fitness level. So I challenge you to keep an open mind when interacting with athletes from other domains. Take the opportunity to "pick their brains". Utilize the pearls that make them the top of their sport. It can only make you a better CrossFitter and in turn, a more "well-rounded athlete".

Does this mean CrossFit is superior to any and all other sports? NO! CrossFit is just different. So don't get on your "high horse" or allow haters to jump on theirs! Who the future, you may have to do group horse carries for time!!!

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