Put $$$ Where Your Mouth Is!!!

We all work hard and leave it ALL on the floor with every WOD. We all push ourselves to get stronger and more proficient at complex movements. We all take NUTRITION seriously ....eh...NOT SO MUCH!!!! It's true, although not "sexy", NUTRITION is the foundation of our health,well-being and physical growth as CrossFitters and humans. As important as this may be, we are typically under educated, less enthusiastic and... well...not as excited about what type of food we are putting in our mouths (unless it's Handel's or DQ).

What if we told you that your NUTRITION is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of your functional fitness puzzle? Well...we are! To help us explain it all clearly we've enlisted the best of the best to enlighten us. Jeremy Mullins RD, owner of CrossFit Thunder and Firebreather Fitness is the who's who of NUTRITION in the CrossFit world. Jeremy holds both a Bachelors and Master's degree from Marshall University. He specializes in weight loss, preventative nutrition, paleo diet and performance nutrition. Jeremy has provided services to CrossFit HQ and over 50 boxes (including Cadre).

We hosted Jeremy last year and received rave reviews from ALL of the athletes that attended!!! It was truly a day packed full of mind-blowing nutritional knowledge that will benefit you and the ones you love. Don't miss this opportunity to really improve your life!!!

The Nutrition Seminar is Sunday, September 29th beginning at 0830 - 1700


Please email jason@crossfitcadre.com or call 216-224-4440 to pay for and reserve your spot.

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