LuRongs Make a Right!!!

The 2013 LuRong Paleo Challenge is upon us! If you haven't signed up yet...check it out! You may have seen the posters, heard the conversations or even witnessed participants scratching their collective heads in wonderment. While the name is intriguing, we're here to help decode what it's really all about. In a nutshell, the LuRong Paleo Challenge is an eight week nutritional program (beginning Monday Sept. 16th at 0000) based on the paleolithic model. Sprinkle in "before and after" measurements and some scaleable WODs....BOOM! You got yourself a Paleo Challenge!!! So far, 14 Cadre athletes (goal is 20)  have signed up! Heck! This is going to be MY first time as well! As in CrossFit, challenges foster physical and mental growth. We absolutely understand your initial hesitation. Remember the adage "Nothing ventured nothing gained"?

So...what do YOU have to lose besides apprehension and some unwanted cellulite? We know you'll LOVE your results:)

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