Hitch In Your Giddy-Up???

Do you have something chronic going on with a knee, back, shoulder, hip, ankle or any other bone-joint combination? Have you ever wondered if you could be doing anything to correct that dysfunctional movement pattern? Boy do we have the answer for you!!!!! Tuesday Sept. 10th, Nick Sanders PT, DPT of Rehabilitex Inc. will host screening and consultation sessions at CrossFit Cadre. Each 15 min. session is $20 and includes assessment of your movement patterns, in-depth investigation of deficiencies and appropriate rehabilitative therapies to get you back on the road to active recovery.

Sessions will begin every 15 minutes 1730 through 1830. Please email nasanders83@gmail.com to reserve your spot. There is something to be said about the adage ..."You don't over train...you under recover". Your body carries you through all those grueling WODs! Don't you think it deserves a tune up?