Are You Making EVERY Rep. Count?

Well, here we are! Another CrossFit Certification (Rowing) under my belt. SO much valuable information covered and SOOOOOO much more to work on! Why does this matter to you? Because I am...NOT the biggest fan of rowing! Yes, it is a staple of CrossFit and yes, I do it begrudgingly when required. Truth be told, you will NEVER hear me clamoring for extra "Erg" time! An abundance of tips, jargon  and valuable information flowed forth throughout the seminar. Two-time Gold medalist, Erin Cafaro, broke down rowing efficiencies to their purest form. I, along with other participants, had the painful opportunity to watch myself row...projected on a front of the ENTIRE class. OUCH! I almost didn't recognize myself! Humbling (as CrossFit has always been for me) I watched in horror as my lower back curved, my knees came in and I reached exceedingly too far forward with each stroke. My form, or lack there of, was slowly, painfully, critiqued. Once I swallowed that dose of humility, I looked inward, took a deep breath and decided to tackle these glaring deficiencies head on. The adage "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." rang true.

Slowly, a question crept into the forefront of my mind.."Are YOU making EVERY rep. count?". Was I getting better at rowing or was I doing it to "get through it"? It was a tough question and one I already knew the answer to. I had been doing something because I had to, NOT because I wanted to better myself. Fostering that state of mind, I typically "checked out" and muscled through rows as arduous tasks.

Further soul-searching and introspection begged the question "are you making EVERY rep. count" in life? Was I just "muscling"  through to the next task on a daily basis? How was I approaching my weaknesses and flaws? Did I see these challenges as opportunities to get better or just "something that had to be done"? As in my rowing critique,  I already knew the answer to my rhetorical question.

"So, what's that have to do with me?" you ask. "Why should your shortcomings have anything to do with my life?" I would simply pose the question..."are YOU making EVERY rep. count?" Are you picking and choosing what WOD you come in for based on your comfort zone?  Are you truly buying into the Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed At High Intensity or are you "phoning in" Constantly COMFORTABLE Functional Movements Performed IF I Like them? In life; are you savoring every moment you have with your family and friends or are you rushing around with a punch list, simply trying to complete tasks? Are you getting better through adversity or are you a hostage to what life hands you?

CrossFit and our daily lives are ironically analogous. I truly believe this to be the common thread we all share whether we choose to see it or not. So...I'm challenging you in both arenas. Take each and every opportunity or "rep." to improve yourself as a CrossFitter and more importantly, a human being! You only get one time around in life...MAKE IT COUNT!!!!!  

In Strength,

Coach Jason