Labor Day Change of Pace

To all you weekend WODers...Saturday, August 31st, is going to have an outdoor twist. Cadre will be hosting a CrossFit Rowing Trainer Course in which the entire facility will be utilized and therefore NO Saturday WODS will be held! In turn, we are offering a Group Trail Run (see map map with directions). There are two trails athletes can choose from. Salt Run is a 3.1 mi. loop and Kendall Lake is a 1 mi. loop. Either way it will be a great way to get some fresh air, spend some quality time with your fellow athletes and maybe...push someone in the lake!!!! Doh!

***Trail Runs begin at 0830 Sharp*** Get there early enough to stretch out and get warm:)

In observance of Labor Day (Monday the 2nd), Cadre will host 0800 and 0900 sessions ONLY! 


The 2013 Taste of Hudson is kicking off Sunday Sept. 1st and will continue Monday September 2nd (Labor Day)! There will be a Cadre Tent set up with hourly demo WODs led by fellow athletes. You can still sign up for a demo time slot at the desk and show Hudson your CrossFit Mojo! So come hang out, answer questions, smile, shake some hands and kiss some babies!!!! Show the Hudson Community what our community. Is all about!!!! as usual:)