When you care enough to support the very best!!!

Hello fellow Cadre athletes! We are excited to include you in on something that would mean so much to one of our own stationed a world away. Army SSG Dave Fielding and Cadre athlete is unselfishly serving/sacrificing for us at Camp Marmal in Northern Afghanistan. We looked up the average temperature and it is 108 degrees!!!! The staff at Cadre came up with a "care package" we know Dave will get sooooo much use out of! Being stationed somewhere for a year or more can be physically and mentally taxing. Dave is an avid CrossFitter and a tremendous athlete! We figured he could use some comforts from home to help ease his time away. 558461_10151427389730790_401997237_n417432_408306592538146_1279816456_n

Here's what we've come up with so far: Fish Oil, Oly shoes, Nanos, Fight Shorts, Progenex Recovery, Cadre WOD log and some Cadre patches. We know he's not expecting these and will be absolutely floored! It's the least we can do for him! Anyone is welcome to to pitch in for this endeavour. We thought that the Cadre community would like the opportunity to show our gratitude and indebtedness for our freedom. Thank you so much for whatever you can do:) See one of the staff to contribute.