Who knows where the POSE goes when the doors close...???

All you runners and non-runners alike! Ever wonder what happens to your running efficiency and form when no one is watching? Same thing as any other exercise or movement...it breaks down. What if we told you we're providing you with two more opportunities to learn, execute and institute proper pose running form?  

Come learn from the best, Kirsten Beverley, of KB Endurance. Please join us for an 1830 session next Tuesday June 18th. We are also hosting an additional session at 0800 Saturday June 22nd. Both Sessions are at Cadre and will run concomitantly with normal WODs.


So come on out and try something new. Whether you enjoy running or not....this is going to take your running game to the next level and yes...you will suck less! Please RSVP Kirsten at kbeverley.trainme@gmail.com Feel free to ask Kirsten the tough questions too;) We figure if Kirsten is good enough to be endorsed as a partner of the Akron Marathon...she must be good! Check her out on http://www.kbendurancetraining.com/kb-endurance-seminar-series.html