Teens, Tweens and Tots!!!!

Say that 10 times fast!!! When you're done with that tongue twister reflect on the pride Cadre staff take in your athletic excellence! Our penchant to foster virtuosity led us to one question "How can we extend CrossFit methodology to more athletes?" Our deliberation brought us to this...CrossFit for all ages! This Summer we are excited to extend Functional Fitness to three additional age groups   1) Teens 2) Kids age 6-12 and 3) Tots 3-5. Our summer sessions are 6 weeks long and offer the perfect environment to develop your offspring's athletic prowess:) Check out and register at the Cadre Store at http://www.crossfitcadre.com/?page_id=1893 As they say in the hood..."Study long....study wrong!" These sessions will fill up fast!