WOD with a SPLASH!!!!

By now, you ALL realize that CrossFit embraces varied movements, exercise modalities and various skill sets. After a great deal of discussion and planning, the staff and some of the athletes at Cadre came up with offering a "swim WOD"! The schedule for this Saturday the 27th is regularly scheduled 0830 WOD at Cadre. There will be NO 0930 WOD!!! Any athlete interested in "getting after it" in the pool is encouraged to join us at 1000  Firestone Natatorium  333 Rampart Ave. Akron 44313 Cindy, our gracious host for this workout, has decided to offer this experience for FREE! So if you are interested, please email Vickie Fagan at Vickie.fagan83@gmail.com

So get in where you fit in and join us with a swim fin...er...it rhymed! Would love to see everyone try something new. And guys....NO SPEEDOS unless you where a big gold chain!!!