Method to Our Madness!!!

Please pardon the dust, different check in system, newest iteration of payments and the  occasional scaffolding "sighting". As you may have noticed, we are continuing to evolve and grow as a community. We appreciate your patience as we continue to reinvest in YOU, the  facility and it's enhanced capabilities. Growth is a great "problem" to have and when done right, continues to maintain the high standards expected by and for ALL of our athletes. In the following weeks we will ask athletes to resubmit their credit card information for our new payment system. Although laborious, this process will allow us to efficiently track, pay, update and manage the different disciplines within our walls.

You can't see it now but our website is going through a new and "sassy" transformation!!!! This enhancement will provide better communication tools, increase accessibility to interested/potential athletes and do a better job illustrating what CrossFit Cadre is all about. We will keep you posted on the release of the updated version.

All of that said...we want you to know that we recognize change can be unsettling. Our mantra at Cadre and CrossFit Boxes all over the world is "preparing for the unkown and the unknowable." In this fashion we are assuring the provision of the best atmosphere possible to reach and exceed your fitness goals.


So thanks for your patience. Keep improving! We're excited to take on 2013 and beyond with all of you!!!!!