"Kids these days...the entire LOT!"

Hello parents! Again we find ourselves making adjustments to the CrossFit Kids classes. No worries! We are a work in progress. As of now, CF Kids Classes will be consolidated to Thursday nights until further notice. Thank you for your patience while we continue to tweak and adjust the format. In other news, we are excited to announce "operation pothole" has been authorized and should commence soon. What???? The parking lot has ascended to the top of the landlords priority list! While on the "HOLE" we think this is a fantastic idea, we can't begin to express how excited we are!!!

What's this mean for you besides less hazards while running??? It means that depending on the day, you may have to utilize the BACK of the building (which is actually the front) to park and enter in the FRONT of the building (which seems to be situated in the back)????

Since we totally cleared that one up for you...just be aware that you may have to park elsewhere to accommodate the parking lot repairs. We know that the place looks different just about every time you come in. We are tailoring Cadre to better meet your needs. Thank you for your patience while we continue to make changes to better serve you. This place just keeps getting better and better!!!!