Goody 2 Shoes

First thing's first. We couldn't be more proud of our athletes for taking the HRPU challenge head on! Way to crank those suckers out! We're guessing we'll be at 10,000 in half of the projected time! The addition of Band-it Fitness has really taken off and we are excited to see where it goes! Thank you for your patience with this process. Please continue to be kind and welcoming "ambassadors of fitness". If someone looks out of place, introduce yourself and point them in the right direction. There will be many Band-it patrons who are unaccustomed to the CrossFit box environment. The coaches have already increased their situational awareness and are asking our athletes to do the same. If you have ANY concerns or comments please bring them to your coach's attention. We'll have some "growing pains" in this process but nothing insurmountable. You are CrossFitters. You can handle anything!!!

As for this post...couldn't really think of a more appropriate title. As Fall is "a foot" and Winter (yes I said it out loud) "sneaks" in, we all need to be mindful of what we track in. To get to the "sole" of the matter...moisture such as rain and snow can leave you with wet "kicks". The aforementioned liquid residue can make the floors slick and most assuredly a "shoe in" for injury!

The staff at Cadre want to maintain a safe and dry surface for you to swell up or smash your next PR! Your sweat should be the only moisture that graces these floors:) What we are asking you to do is bring two sets of shoes. Wear a pair in the inclement weather and bring a set to get your WOD on. We do realize that this is no small "feet". Dragging an extra pair of shoes around takes and bit of effort and we apologize for that. Our hope is that this movement will gain "traction". Again, our goal is your well being and overall safety. We are in the process of building a few more benches and some coat racks to help organize the extra gear.

Thank you again for your adaptability as we develop and improve. As always, the continued growth and success of our athletes is our our primary goal. Keep working hard and attacking those WODs. Thinking of  posting a sign at the entrance that says "Welcome to CrossFit Cadre where athletes ARE role models!"