September AOTM!!!

What's better than being Athlete Of The Month (AOTM) at Cadre!?!?!? Having your "better half" be one!!!!!! When we say we have a couple of AOTM candidates this month, we mean that they ARE a couple! Steve and Danielle Suffolk came to Cadre almost a year ago in Nov. 2013. At first, the dynamic duo was unsure of what they signed up for. In no time the Suffolks embraced the workload and all the "suck" that accompanies "work capacity across broad time and modal domains." Collectively, Steve and Danielle worked through the awkward stages of learning Olympic lifts, pushing hard and refusing to quit! Funny thing happened over the next few months…they gained  STRENGTH and MOBILITY! This "power couple" has seen dramatic changes in their minds and bodies! If you join the 0900 session you'll see the Suffolks but you may not hear them:) These two quite warriors come in, warm up and throw down! The only time we know you'll hear them is when they're encouraging other athletes.

Great job guys! We're lucky to have you both as excellent examples within in our community!!!!  Enjoy your parking spaces, special barbells and all the congratulations we can provide!!!! Oh! We almost forgot this bit of sage advice….A couple that SWELLS together….SMELLS together!!!!!


September AOTM Danielle Suffolk

September AOTM Steven Suffolk

September AOTM Couple Danielle and Steven Suffolk

August AOTM!!!!!!

We truly can't believe August is already upon us! What better way to ring in the new month than with our Athlete's of the Month!?!? John Kennedy came to us over a year ago after deciding to take ownership of his health and well-being. At the time, John was dangerously over weight and working to recover from a prior hip replacement. Since that fateful day John has religiously attended the 0500 CrossFit sessions. Initially limited by his range of motion and lack of metabolic conditioning (MetCon), John decided take his deficiencies head on. Through warm up grimaces and sheer determination, John fought through every movement and rep.! As time passed a strange thing happened…he became more mobile, stronger and felt better about his health. John began to lose weight, increase his energy level, all the while moving about easier at work and home. John eventually decided to get his other hip replaced and was back to Cadre within days! John has worked hard and is back in the swing of things. Ask John and he will tell you that recovering from hip surgery was MUCH quicker this time! Congrats John!!! You are a shining example of someone who refuses to take "easy" as an acceptable alternative. Enjoy the AOTM parking space and bar bell; you've earned it!!!! 


August Athlete of the Month  John Kennedy


Jennifer Hasebien joined Cadre as a quiet and unassuming athlete unsure of what she signed herself up for. Her work ethic was evident from the beginning. Jen is still quiet and unassuming but she's …much stronger! Jen is showing marked proficiency at olympic lifts, technical exercise movements and continues to inspire athletes as well as staff! It's impressive to see her thrive!!! We LOVE to make Jen flash that sheepish smile…even when she's not "feeling it". Keep chasing virtuosity Jen! You're killing it!!!!


August Athlete of the Month  Jen Hasebein

July Athletes Of The Month!!!!

Sandy Michaels initially checked out Cadre with some trepidation. Transitioning from another CrossFit community is not an easy undertaking. As we all know, commUNITY is EVERYTHING in CrossFit. Once you settle into a communal setting, transitioning is like losing close family! We understood how Sandy felt and gave her room to spread her wings... on her own terms. Through hard work, intense drive and no excuses, Sandy found her groove! She also discovered how welcoming Cadre can be:) Now that Sandy is settled in, she continues to excel, break PR's and welcome others into the fold. Congratulations Sandy!!! You deserve to be July's Athlete Of The Month!!! July Athlete Of The Month!!!

When Richard Patterson joined our ranks in early April, he committed to improvement of his overall health and functional fitness. 30 pounds lighter and a exceptionally more mobile, Richard continues to impress! An example of Richard's drive was his recent shoulder separation (a previous injury pattern). After a trip to the local ED and some medicine to relax him, Richard had his shoulder relocated. Shortly after Richards injury, he was back in the box, working on modified movements. Richard's infectious smile and relentless approach to WODs is commendable. We love your outlook and refusal to let anything get in the way of improving. Great job Richard!!! You deserve to be July's Athlete Of The Month!

July AOTM Richard Patterson

June Athletes Of The Month!!!

It's been a few extra days in the making but we finally gathered the needed pics. to assemble this month's Athlete's Of The Month (AOTM). Here we go!!!!  

Zach Lewis decided to give CrossFit Cadre a try last year. It is typical to see Zach quietly walk in for the 0800 class in gym clothes to roll out and stretch. He puts in MAD work , showers and walks out dressed to the "9's" with that knowing smile:)  Zach's "front sight focus" caught our eye immediately and he has continued to let his actions speak louder than words. It's normal to see Zach helping and motivating others as they work through the WOD.  Many don't know that Zach (he would NEVER tell you this)  selflessly served his country in the Army. We could not be more grateful for the sacrifice he and many others make/made to assure our freedom! Thanks Zach!!! You are a true CrossFit "Operator"!!!

June AOTM Zach Lewis

June AOTM Zach Lewis

Alison Schneider continues to impress us with her work ethic, attitude and sense of community. We remember the first day Alison walked through our doors. She wasn't sure what she was getting herself into but…she jumped right in! It's been AMAZING to see Alison's physical (down 20#) and mental transformation since she fully immersed herself into functional fitness! Just recently, we had a "day one", teenage athlete show up for a session. Without a second thought or any direction from us Alison acutely sensed this "newbie's" need for moral support:) Alison took her under her "wing", made her feel at home and typified what CrossFit is all about!!! Keep that infectious smile and continued desire to improve! Congratulations Alison!!!! You've definitely earned June AOTM:)

June AOTM Alison Schneider

June AOTM Alison Schneider

May AOTM!!!!

Here we are at the beginning of a very exciting month for CrossFit Cadre!!! What better way to kick off this month than to showcase our Athletes Of The Month!?!? In a world riddled with self promotion, we thought it'd be refreshing to endorse two athletes who embody humility and hard work. Mike Bruno has quietly shown the drive and determination it takes to grind through his personal deficiencies! We remember when Mike first joined us. His range of motion (ROM) and lower body strength were a HUGE hole in his game. We witnessed Mike's quiet drive and unfettered desire to attack those deficiencies. Not only did Mike battle through his "goats", he often did so while injured or tweaked! One of the most impressive things about Mike is his drastic improvement in form!!!! In fact, Mike has done so well that he is able to efficiently move  increased loads over shorter time domains!  Mike is one of the first to rally around athletes who are still working when he is done. Although this may embarrass you…Mike…YOU have more than earned the title Athlete of the Month!!!!!!



Cindy Arcoria has really come into her own as an athlete. Every time we turn around Cindy is smashing another PR! Take this past Monday for instance. Cindy managed to crank out a 300# dead lift!!!! She continues to put in the extra work it takes on the North side before and after classes. Cindy is always asking questions and applying what she learns. Our female AOTM will be the first one to welcome new athletes and cheer on the established. Keep being who you are Cindy! We LOVE it!!!


April Athletes Of The Month!!!

April ushers in Spring and all of the new growth that ensues. It's uplifting to see sunshine, hear birds in the a.m. and watch everything else come to life! Same goes for the atmosphere at Cadre. It's so much fun for the staff to see growth and development amongst our athletes. Two notable athletes who have shown tremendous dedication and growth are: Ben O’Daniel

April ATOM


Ben doing Bar Over Burpees

Ben joined "the fray" last September and has begun a notable growth pattern of his own. Here's a brief summary of this young warrior's journey. Ben was diagnosed with A.L.L. (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) type B July 1, 2011. This high risk disease, especially in males, requires aggressive medication regimens and a battery of ongoing tests. Here's a little of what this young athlete regularly endures:

Ben is slated to be on daily oral doses of chemotherapy until Nov 6 2015. That means, he takes Mercaptopurine every day, Methotrexate pills every Thursday and Bactrim (his antibiotic) 3 times a day, 3 times a week. He also takes Prednisone every day, once a week, per month during his Vincristine therapy. Ben has a port (under the skin in his chest) that is accessed (Vincristine infusions)  every 4 weeks and a lumbar puncture ("spinal tap")  every 8 weeks to test his spinal fluid. He then gets Methotrexate.

As we are all aware, medications have side effects and one of Ben's was bilateral drop foot (inability to pick toes up/dorsiflex his feet). When he first came to us Ben had to work up the energy just to walk through the door. Ben has continually put in the work, "sold out" and left every bit of his effort on the floor. He is now working out with the evening classes doing bar-over burpees, snatches, wall balls and anything else that is thrown his way!!!!

Ben loves science, movies, and people in general. He loves to go out and would love to travel; especially to Germany! He absolutely LOVES CrossFit! Ben…the proof is in your results! Keep plugging away!!! Your drive is sooooooo motivating!!!!

Nancy Richardson

April AOTM

Nancy is one AMAZING woman!!!! This female fire breather has been with Cadre since our doors opened. We discovered early on that Nancy is as focused as they come!!! It's almost like "flipping a switch". Nancy can go from mild-mannered to "beast mode" athlete in a matter of seconds!!! Nancy's tenacity and determination are self-evident in EVERY workout! Example would be gashing both of her shins on a box. No matter…Nancy came right back with shin guards! You are such and inspiration to all of us! Keep showing that work ethic. We are ALL glad to be on your good side;)
March AOTM!!!

March is coming on like a LION at CrossFit Cadre!!! ALL of our athletes are pouring it on for The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Open. Two stand out athletes have consistently, quietly and methodically attacked each opportunity to get better. March Athlete Of The Month



Baby Got Back!!

Erica Marshall a.k.a. "E" joined our community in the Summer of 2013. She has consistently struggled, pushed and put in the extra work it takes to improve at light speed! E has been a regular at open gym and is killing the 0900 sessions! She is a HUGE advocate for CrossFit and welcoming to others. Keep up the strong work E! You're honing that edge quickly!!!! 


Ian Walsh


Fly like a butterfly!!!

"Silence is a source of great strength." -Lao Tzu

You've seen him. Maybe he's blazing past you in a flurry of pull-ups or flying by you on a run. You may have seen him hustling from movement to movement during a grueling chipper. This "silent warrior" we speak of is Ian Walsh. Ian joined our community with a bit of apprehension. Per usual,  runners voice concerns that CrossFit may interfere with their pace and endurance. If you ask Ian today, he will rave about his progressions in both of the aforementioned realms. Ian has an AMAZING work ethic, willingness to improve and a penchant for going all out!!! Thanks for trusting us with your functional fitness Ian! You're an exemplar and our "quiet storm":)



February Athletes Of The Month

February is the month of love!!! Now let's show some of that love to our two outstanding Athletes Of The Month (AOTM). For the uninitiated, AOTM is a designator given to Cadre athletes that emulate the qualities we hold near and dear. You don't have to be the fastest, strongest, most coordinated or even love burpees :) All you have to do is show up, put in work and encourage your fellow athletes. As an added bonus, AOTM recipients enjoy their own parking spots, use of their very own barbell and most notably, the honor of wearing a set of Adam S. Hamilton commemorative dog tags! Here are this month's shining examples: Erika Wisberger has literally changed in front of our eyes. Erika came to Cadre unsure of herself and her athletic abilities. We distinctly remember the looks we received upon asking her to perform strength work. Often, her looks were coupled with "You want me to what?" Erika struggled, fought and fought some more. Her frustration became evident yet her resolve was unwavering. Now Erika is confident, up for a challenge and remarkably strong! This AOTM continues to push herself, establishes new PR's, works through the "suck" all the while encouraging others around her. Erika quietly and unselfishly donates her time to assist in the multitude of events Cadre hosts. We are so proud of her continued dedication and progress. Keep it up Erika!!!


Wesley Brechbiel is one of the most genuine people you will have the privilege to meet. "Wes" walked through our doors with one goal in mind…to get better! After some open dialogue and determined goal setting, we watched as Wes put his words into action! Wes worked hard to move his large frame through space during gymnastic/body weight skills. Modifications to nutrition and a steadfast dedication to completing the LuRong Paleo Challenge put Wes on a warp speed journey to change. Down 30lbs., Wes continues to gain strength and endurance at an impressive rate! This AOTM always has an infectious smile and a willingness to give everything he has and then a little more! Congratulations Wes!!! Keep killin it! You'll need all the energy and stamina you can muster when that new baby arrives in May:)


January Athletes Of The Month

January marks the beginning of another 365 day journey to your continued physical and mental transformation. You will face down challenges, exceed expectations, PR when you least expect it and feel the satisfaction of pushing through "the suck"!!! What is going to help you do all of this!?!?!?!? The athletes around you! They are the heart and soul of Cadre and what separates CrossFitters from everyone else…A.K.A…our community. Being the Athlete Of The Month (AOTM) is paramount and integral to the our growth process. Why is this? One simple reason…the best form of flattery is imitation. The qualities we see in our AOTM emphasize character traits that we should ALL do our best to emulate . Expectations of higher standards effectively raise the bar (pun intended) for EVERYONE across the board.


Lindsay Ehmer joined the ranks of Cadre in August of 2013. Since joining our community Lindsay has attacked each WOD and "goat" with veracity! As an aside, Lindsay values integrity so much she has been known to "no-rep" herself during WODS. Lindsay is the first one to encourage others during and after she's done with WODS. Her adherence to excellence was never so evident than at our recent "Bar None" competition in November! Keep shining Lindsay!!!!




David Ito (the handsome devil on the right) has impressed us from the jump! David (along with his lovely Wife Sonal) joined "the fold" in September of 2013. David was hooked after day one and has continued to improve daily! We have yet to see David without a smile on his face, even in the midst of a grinding WOD! David is the first person to rally around other athletes and lift them up with his positive mojo:) Fantastic Job David!!!!



January Athlete Of The Month

December Athletes Of The Month

Year's almost over and what a year it has been! 2013 underscores continued growth and vitality within our community. As staff, we are consistently impressed with EVERY athlete's drive and commitment to fitness. Suffice it to say choosing and AOTM is not an easy decision! We've deliberated and made a most difficult selection.  Here are your December Athletes Of The Month!!!!!  

Jackie Marshall has come a long way physically and even more so mentally. We remember Jackie's first day like it was yesterday. Jackie's mixture of frustration, determination to take control of her fitness and sheer tenacity was soooooo evident! As staff, we gain a "sixth sense" about athletes who we know are gonna "stick it out". Jackie was and is one of those individuals. Jackie's commitment to her nutrition, work done and willingness to do whatever it takes to reach her goals is patently clear. Great job Jackie!!!! You exemplify the drive that motivates us all!!!!

Jackie Marshall after 5 months of CrossFit!!!!!


Josh Arcoria is the strong quiet type. We often kid him that it makes our day when we can get the young man to crack a smile:) Josh continues to improve since joining the Cadre community. His willingness to put in the extra work before and after WODs is really boosting his game! Josh took on the Bar None Competition at the spry age of 14! Not only did Josh represent Cadre well he exceeded his and our expectations!!! Great job Josh! We can't wait to see where your CrossFit journey takes you in the future!


Josh Arcoria

November Athletes of the Month

It is with great pleasure that we showcase John Fagan as CrossFit Cadre's Male Athlete of the Month! This guy is a quiet professional who continues to impress us with his CrossFit knowledge base, camaraderie and work ethic! It is a little known fact that John is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, accomplished teacher and swimming coach. John humbly goes about improving himself and others every day. Congratulations John!!! You are an inspiration and a "quiet giant" within our community:)  

Athlete of the Month


Laura Simmonds has more than earned the accolade of CrossFit Cadre's Female Athlete of the Month! From the beginning, Laura has attacked every WOD and challenge thrown her way. It's a rarity to see Laura without a smile on her face...even mid-WOD (while the rest of us mortals are all "sucking wind"). Laura is an amazing athlete who actively invests in future generations as a full time teacher and soccer coach. Congratulations Laura!!!



Athlete of the Month

Athletes Of The Month

We knew the minute Jen Stull stepped across Cadre's threshold that she was serious about taking her fitness goals head-on. Jen has continued to impress us with her undying devotion to getting better every day! You deserve to be Athlete of the Month! Athlete Of The Month

It's very apparent that Tom Arcoria is drinking the Koolaid...with a fire hose!!!! Tom is continually in the box putting in extra work. Whether he's working on his Double -Unders or tweaking his Oly technique; Tom doesn't know the word "quit". Keep grindin Tom!!!!


September Athletes of the Month

The Month of September ushers in the dawn of a new era!!! Athlete of the Month...x 2! We're excited to announce that we are expanding this notable accolade to twice as many Cadre athletes. This month we honor Jeremy Sackett and Cathie Streng as our male and female Athletes of the Month.



Jeremy has shown tremendous growth in strength and technique since becoming and athlete at Cadre. Jeremy's desire to learn and continually improve is as evident as his vocal and emotional support of the athletes around him! Jeremy exemplifies the core values we hold dear at Cadre.


Cathie has literally changed right in front of our eyes! Cathie's metamorphosis is truly impressive AND inspiring. As one of the "plank" members of the "0500 Posse", Cathie continues to push herself and others to improve. Cathie  never ceases to amaze us with her athletic ability, infectious smile and endless generosity.

Make sure to give each of these amazing individuals a handshake, hug or pat on the back for their exemplary achievement!!!!

Athlete of the Month!!!!

Chris Bechtel is a "plank member" of CrossFit Cadre and one that believed in us from day one! If we could clone an athlete, Chris would be the mold we would use. Chris approaches every skill and WOD with enthusiasm and persistence! We can't say enough about this guy! We are honored to have him as our July Athlete of the Month!!! Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month!!!

Athlete of the Month This month we have the honor of naming Margaret DeSaussure A.K.A. "The Quiet Storm" as our Athlete of the Month!!! Margaret diligently "puts in work" and is an excellent role model for ALL Cadre athletes! Usually the "quiet ones" don't get the recognition they deserve. Margaret, we're here to tell you that your work ethic is infectious and your smile...contagious:)