July Athletes of the Month

July Athletes of the Month IMG_1875

Nik Vizmeg

Nik has been doing CrossFit for just over 3 months and has been progressing quickly in a short period of time. Nik was drawn to CrossFit because he is “used to working out with a team and being coached so CrossFit felt natural” to him. In addition to the team atmosphere, Nik loves deadlifts but he’s not nearly as fond of overhead squats.

Nik joined Cadre because he wanted to get in shape but he experienced other great benefits including helping him “concentrate a whole lot more on school and push[ing] him towards eating healthier.” With all these healthy changes, Nik is well on his way to getting into better shape!

According to Nik, his favorite thing about Cadre is “the sense of belonging. As soon as I started working out at Cadre I immediately felt like part of a family. Everyone is extremely kind and very helpful. You can truly tell the coaches care about form and preventing injury.” We’re so excited to be part of your fitness journey and we couldn’t be more proud of your dedication to getting stronger and healthier! Great work!


Monica Garcia

Monica has been CrossFitting for 4 years and has been part of the Cadre Crew for a year. Moving from California to Ohio to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology at Kent State was a huge change for Monica and she credits Cadre with helping her adjust to all the differences. Monica says “Cadre felt familiar, CrossFit is the same, the community was extremely welcoming, and had the same mindset as the people at my old box back home. Therefore, after I moved, I felt most comfortable being at the gym in Ohio.”

Monica chose Crossfit over other forms of exercise because it “fills the void left by competitive sports when college ended.” She also believes it makes working out fun and her favorite WODs are partner WODs! Her favorite aspect of CrossFit overall is being pushed by others and for the hour that she’s working out, “nothing else matters just working out and competing with [her]self. All the other stresses in [her] life do not exist.” When it comes to lifting, Monica’s favorite lift to work on is the snatch and if given a choice, she’d prefer to avoid deadlifts and back squats!

Since starting CrossFit, Monica has seen the most improvement in her upper body strength “from her first pull up, to her first bar muscle up, to her first ring muscle up.” For Monica CrossFit acts a stress reliever in a very busy and stressful graduate program. She says, “CrossFit helps me cope with stress in my life and I don’t think I it would be possible for me to get through grad school without it. CrossFit makes me feel accomplished and no matter what else I have to do in my day, I am ready to face it after my workout.” Monica, we are so glad you chose CrossFit Cadre as your CrossFit community in Ohio! You are an inspiration to all of us and we are so proud of all you’ve accomplished! Keep working hard and getting stronger!