May Athletes of the Month

This month we have two incredible athletes who are the epitome of hard work and heart! We are thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of Matt Brown and Niki Forner! Please congratulate them when you see them! FullSizeRender

If you’ve ever met Matt Brown, it was surely a memorable experience. Matt shows up to the gym with a smile on his face and a positive attitude every single time. His enthusiasm and hard work are absolutely contagious; whether he’s participating in class or lifting during open gym, you can feel his presence. Matt’s CrossFit journey began 3 years ago at CrossFit Matters in Kansas City with a “tight-knit group of 6 am’ers who made it a lot of fun to get sweaty and get stronger before sunrise.” He’s been using CrossFit as his primary form of exercise ever since.

We love Matt’s thoughts on fitness! He loves CrossFit and truly believes that CrossFit “has most of the exercise game figured out” but he also believes “people should do whatever will consistently get them moving.” And although “there’s no perfect way to exercise, getting out and using this extremely capable machine we have called the human body should be a priority for everyone.” We couldn’t agree more and we believe CrossFit gives us the strength and stamina to make the most of the bodies we’ve been given in all aspects of our lives.

Besides doing bicep curls in the squat rack, Matt’s favorite lift is the Clean & Jerk. He’s particularly drawn to the technicality of the movement and although he says he has a lot of work do to perfect the movement, he really enjoys putting in the work to see improvements.

As far as progress is concerned, Matt started CrossFit with 3 specific goals: 1. Be healthy in both a cardiovascular and strength dimension as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. 2. Be proud of the way he has taken care of his body and mind 3. Meet people who enjoy and benefit from a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same! He continues to pursue these goals on a daily basis here at CrossFit Cadre!

Matt’s Favorite thing about Cadre is that it “fosters an environment that makes working towards goals part of the week.” But overall, his two absolute favorite things are “Coach Whitney and Ian’s morning show (they would make great radio hosts) and when Coach Lindsay turns up the jams in the evening class and we just go to WORK. It’s just a solid experience every time I walk in. It’s too much fun!”

We are so proud of your attitude, work ethic, and of the incredibly positive effect you have on the Cadre Community. We are so glad you’re part of the #CadreCrew and we look forward to witnessing your continued success and progress!


Niki is a newer member of our Cadre Crew having joined us in February and was introduced to Cadre by her sister, Nina Freeman. The two regularly attend the Cadre FIT class on Mondays and Thursdays! You’d never know that Niki is a newer member as she has made incredible progress and already moves like a pro! Niki shows up every week with a can do attitude and smile. She’s always ready to take on a new challenge and is quick to volunteer to try a new movement or exercise. Niki’s natural curiosity and willingness to work hard make her a dream to coach!

Niki really likes not knowing the workout in advance because it keeps it fresh and new which is important to her because it keeps her interested in the class. Niki says,“I’ve really fallen in love with FIT because it’s challenging for me and I’m learning a lot about how to exercise properly. I don’t feel uncomfortable or that it’s something outside my realm of capabilities, but it’s still a good workout and not a walk in the park.”

Niki loves ab mat sit-ups but despises burpees with equal fervor! But regardless of what the workout is, Niki says she always leaves sweaty and feeling like she’s accomplished something! Besides the variety of the workouts, what keeps Niki coming back is that doing FIT just makes her feel better about herself because she’s doing something good for her body. As far as progress is concerned, Niki says, “she has seen a huge improvement in my metabolism since starting FIT. I am able to maintain my weight much better.” Way to go Niki!

Niki’s favorite thing about Cadre is the people! Niki specifically mentioned, “everyone is so friendly, encouraging and helpful.” She never feels intimidated! According to Niki, she may be new to “this whole fitness thing” but she is really enjoying the process and the results! She looks forward to FIT every week because she actually likes doing it and she wants to work hard and get better every week. Niki, we are honored to be part of this journey and we love watching your continued progress! Keep up the awesome work!!