April Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to our April Athletes of the Month! Once again we have a pair of extremely hard working ladies who are crushing it day in and day out! We are so proud to call Caryn Hale and Heidi Topczewski part of the Cadre Crew! image1-2


Heidi has been part of the Cadre Community since the beginning. She has seen the current RIIPT program grow and develop into what it is today. Heidi remains fiercely dedicated because she loves the variety of movements and personal challenge she experiences with each class. She also enjoys the use of non-traditional fitness equipment and the results that she gains.

If Heidi had her way, you’d see her on the battle ropes and repping out ab mat sit-ups. It’s also a safe to say if it were up to her she’d pass on wall balls and plate pushes! As an “O.G.”, Heidi has seen first hand the vast improvements she has made in endurance, stamina and energy level. Not surprisingly, Heidi keeps coming back for the people that sweat along side of her. When it’s all said and done, Heidi loves the Cadre Staff and the RIIPT “groupies!” We love you too, Heidi! We’re so proud of your hard work and accomplishments. Keep crushing it!


Caryn Hale has been getting “RIIPTed” since December 2015. Prior to RIIPT, Caryn did CrossFit for 8 years and was looking for something equally challenging without heavy weights. Caryn found RIIPT through her friend and business partner, Laura Ince-Dudley. They’ve been killing workouts together ever since. RIIPT turned out to be the daily challenge that Caryn was looking for.

In Caryn’s own words: “The trainers are top notch and helped me improve my movements. I love the clean building and the friendly atmosphere.” Movements she’d prefer to skip are thrusters. Give this woman core work and she’s ready to rock! Caryn has also experienced impressive results by dialing in her nutrition with Coach Joe. What keeps Caryn coming back is her continued drive to keep fitness as an integral part of her life. Cadre helps her get the most out of each and every workout. Plain and simple… she absolutely LOVES it! We are so proud of Caryn and grateful that she enjoys the spirit of RIIPT and the Cadre Community! Thank you for making Cadre a brighter place each and every morning! Keep up the great work!